Hell to Pay is an annual TWOStars pay per view event.

Hell to Pay 2009

All or Nothing - Cage match - Winter (c) V Sickness: Sickness win: writing
Draven Cage Vs J Rock: DC win via DQ after J Rock attacks the ref.writing

Special ref (Angus McDonald)The Immortal Highlanders vs Image Inc: Image Inc get the win, but the IH are pissed off about Angus not siding with them.writing

Ride The Lightning Vs The Brotherhood, some more shakyness between Gringo and CVD giving The Brotherhood the win:writing
Angus v Jason Bell - Double Countout I beliveis writing
Samson v Jones - Samson to go over:writing

Hell To Pay 2008

Willard the Immortal v Damon Kori - Winner: Damon Kori

Sasaki V KENTA - Winner: Jun Sasaki

Money In The Bank match

Harry "Hardcore" Hart V Sickness V Craig Van Dam - Winner: Craig Van Dam

TV title Match

Ultimate X Match

Drake Rush V Joseph Helms - Winner: Joseph Helms (New Champion)

The Judge V Arron Winter - Winner: The Judge

US title match

Johnny Rockefeller V Apollo Chambers V The Chav - Winner: Apollo Chambers (New Champion)

King Of The Mountain Match

Kyle Gilmore V Twiggie V Barry Gower V Evil Gringo V Draven Cage - Winner: Draven Cage

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