Hell on Earth is an annual wrestling pay-per-view event held in October by High Impact Wrestling, where the HIW fans influence how the PPV shapes up by voting interactively on The first Hell on Earth was held on October 6th, 2002 in the MCI Center in Washington DC. It was only until the 2005 edition, where the 'interactive' gimmick was introduced.

Hell on Earth dates and venues

Event Date City Venue
Hell on Earth 2002 October 6th, 2002 MCI Center Washington, D.C.
Hell on Earth 2005 October 30th, 2005 IpayOne Center San Diego, CA
Hell on Earth 2006 October 8th, 2006 RBC Center Raleigh, North Carolina
Hell on Earth 2007 October 28th, 2007 Verizon Center Washington, D.C.

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