Heniek Tyski
Name Heniek Tyski
Nicknames Henry
Height 175 cm
Weight 69 kg
Date of birth December 12, 1964
Billed from Legnica, Poland Flag of Poland
High Voltage Wrestling

Heniek Tyski is a wrestling commentator, currently working for High Voltage Wrestling in Poland. He's a colour-commentator at Under Pressure show.


Heniek Tyski joined High Voltage Wrestling as a colour-commentator, he was recommended by federation's major sponsor. Since the very start Heniek was a controversial person, criticised for his sexual based comments and stories. He's known for his sharp tongue and unruliness.

At Under Pressure III Tyski was named a special guest referee for Vaclav vs Yamato Konoe match. Tyski made a few unfavourable decisions for Yamato, what made him very angry. Konoe faked a Superkick, what caused Tyski to lose his consciousness. Since there were no referee The BackStabber (Konoe's bitten rival) interfered the match and attacked Konoe. Stabber used Tyski's hand to count to three and caused Vaclav's victory.

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