High Profile Wrestling


HPW was an angle based federation. The quality of player role plays accounted, in most cases, to the result of each match. Unlike most feds, inactivity did not equal instant failure in HPW. HPW was designed so that, if neither competitor roleplayed for their match, a winner was determined randomly. Therefore, it was possible for someone to register with HPW and leave for a time, returning to find their character very successful.


Founded by Shane Divine, who never took any administrative roles in-character. Due to lack of ability to maintain the federation HPW was forced to close.


High Profile Wrestling was active for about two months, hosting two weekly shows and monthly Pay-Per-Views.

HPW Championships

  • HPW Heavyweight Championship
  • HPW Internet Championship
  • HPW Tag Team Championships
  • HPW Extreme Championship
  • HPW International Champion
  • HPW Extreme Tag Team Championships

HPW Television Broadcasts

Monday Night Unleashed

Monday Night Unleashed was HPW's flagship show. The first airing was November 6, 2006.

Wednesday Night UPR|SE

Wednesday Night UPR|SE was HPW's second show, featuring a more "extreme" take on wrestling. All matches held on UPR|SE were contested without count-outs or disqualifications, allowing the UPR|SE "extremists" to utilise any weapons they could find to beat their opponent into submission.

HPW Pay-Per-View Events

High Profile Wrestling hosted monthly PPV events, which were as follows.

Month Event Brand
January Genesis Both
February Vendetta Unleashed
March Living Dangerously UPR|SE
April Invasion Unleashed
May Over The Edge UPR|SE
June Best Served Cold Unleashed
July Anarchy UPR|SE
August Roll the Dice Unleashed
September Unbreakable UPR|SE
October Wrestlepalooza Both
November November To Remember Unleashed
December Insurextion UPR|SE

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