High Voltage Wrestling
Federation Name High Voltage Wrestling
Abbreviation HVW
Headquarters Flag of Poland Wroclaw, Poland
Weekly shows Under Pressure
Time open March 2008 - November 2008
February 2009 – April 2009
Owner Piotr Balicki
Commentators Tadeusz Kedzierski, Heniek Tyski
Federation type Roleplay based
Pay-per-views Non-regular
High Voltage Wrestling (HVW) is a Polish e-federation. HVW roster features about 20 active e-wrestlers and features their own championships, show, and pay-per-view events. High Voltage Wrestling roster is a mix of young wrestlers. HVW runs one show - Under Pressure, currently broadcasted by company's website.

High Voltage Wrestling was founded in 2008 in Poland by Piotr Balicki. Federation signed a lot of polish wrestling stars, who made it more prestigious. HVW bacame a good place for rookies, so finally federation had to create their own developmental territory called Proving Ground.

HVW was closed in November 2008 after the Baltic Mayhem Pay-Per-View, where the mysterious sponsor of the company revealed himself as Felipe Castro and declared that he's taking over the company to unite it with Extreme Wrestling Federation, which has been closed for almost 2 years. Vlad Biggmaczynski betrayed Balicki, to help Castro with this fusion.

In January 2009 Piotr Balicki went to jail, being suspected of corruption. He spent 3 weeks in prison, when Vlad Biggmaczynski took him out on bail. Apologetic manager was about to help Balicki to reactivate High Voltage Wrestling. Balicki restarted his promotion with the lower budget, so HVW bacame independent promotion. Unfortunately, federation produced only 2 shows before shutting down for good.


Main Roster


Notable Alumni

Current Champions

Championship Current
Event Date
HVW World Championship
Nicky Damage
Under Pressure VII
March 21, 2009
HVW Pro Pain Championship
Curtis Woods
Wrestlepalooza XCII
December 14, 2008
HVW Tag Team Championship
n.K.w. (Husar & Nicky Damage)
Baltic Mayhem
August 30, 2008

Inactive Championships:

Other accomplishments

Accomplishment Winner Event Location
HVW Pro Pain Games
Nicky Damage
Under Pressure VII
Flag of Poland Wroclaw, Poland

Specialty Matches

Notable records

Record Held by Notes
Longest winning streak
Nicky Damage
6 wins
Longest streak without losing
Alex "The IOOT" Scorp
7 matches
Longest losing streak
4 losses
Longest streak without winning
4 matches
Longest reigning title holder
Alex "The IOOT" Scorp
230 days
Shortest reigning title holder
Curtis Woods
about 10 minutes


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