The Highway to Hell Match is a professional wrestling match used in the Fearless Championship Wrestling at their June Pay-Per-View Sinful Means


The Highway to Hell Match involves three cages, one on top of the other on top of the other with the FcW World Heavyweight Championship hung above the third cage. The only way to win the match up is to climb up from the first cage, into the second cage(and so on) until a competitor is at the top of the third cage and the competitor must grab the championship belt. However, in order to win fully one must climb down from the ladder and exit the first level cage(meaning they must go back into the cages) with the championship belt in hand in order to be declared the winner. If two or more competitors exit the first stage cage at the same time it becomes a Hardcore Rules contest were falls count anywhere, but, only between the competitors that exited the cage at the same time.

  • First Stage - Impurity - The first stage of the Highway to Hell Match is called The Impurity Stage and in this stage the competitors begin in a standard Hell in a Cell with a ladder inside. There is a trap door towards the side of the cell(above the concrete floors, not the ring) were they must set up the ladder and open the door in order to advance to the second stage.
  • Second Stage - Sin - In the second stage of the Highway to Hell Match there is also a standard cage that would be used in a Cage Match only difference is that there is a top on it. Also, inside the cage there are weapons(steel chairs, tables, sledge hammers, fire extinguishers, trashcans, etc.), which can all be used. But, there is only one pair of bolt cutters. There is one door to get from the second stage up into the third stage, which must be cut open with the bolt cutters.
  • Third Stage - Damnation - The third stage is almost a standard cage but is seventy-five percent the size of the cage below it(making it about fifteen feet wide and ten feet high). In this match there are plenty of weapons, but, they are all the same weapon, the weapon that is chosen by the Champion and the Champion only. No weapons can be brought from the prior stage as that would result in an automatic disqualification and that competitor would be forced to leave the match-up.

Previous Matches

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Previous Match Outcomes

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  • This match is partially based on defunct WCW's Three Cage Match

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