Holiday Hell

World Wrestling Xistence Presents.


Live from LIVE From Max Schmeling Halle in BERLIN, GERMANY.

[The camera cuts to the stage as the cheers of 1000’s of fans fill the arena. Kyla Bonn steps onto the stage.]

Bonn: Gutenabend Berlin!

      • CHEER***

Bonn: It is my privilege to introduce to you, playing the Holiday Hell Theme, DRAGONFORCE!

[The stage lights begin to flash as Dragonforce takes the stage. They begin to play Through Fire and Flames. The HHTron shows footage of Superstars arriving in Berlin. WWX World Champion Rheinhardt hosting a party at his club for the WWX faithful. Shadow arriving at the arena and being met by security to take back the stolen International Title. DWA driving a UNIMOG at a German Off Road club. Anastasia running the stairs of the arena. Adora and Goddess Alex walking out of a red light district fetish shop. Sanders arriving in a HUMVEE. Sped walking into the arena with two beautiful women on his arm and a young kid pulling his bags behind them. Krimzon Blaze showing the TV Title to fans outside the arena. Sickboy stumbling out of an all night rave. WMD shoving through customs at the airport, Paco screaming at officials in Spanish. Rheinhardt, signing autographs outside the building, escorted by Nemi. She points to a cute little girl at the guardrail, the girl’s eyes light up as Rheinhardt walks over, takes off his Jaeger sunglasses and places them on the child’s face. The little girl motions Nemi over too. Nemi bends down and the girl kisses her on the cheek. As the song ends the camera pans the sold out crowd and the song ends with a huge burst of Pyro.] ________________________________________________________________________

Hart: Welcome to Holiday Hell. I’m Mike Hart and alongside me as always is my co-host, Gary Lane.

Lane: Thanks Mike, welcome to Germany. What a night we have in store for you. EVERY singles title is on the line tonight.

Hart: And what a performance from Dragonforce. Lane: But they aren’t the only band performing tonight. Hart: Let’s save some surprises.


[Gordon McAndrew can be seen talking on a Walkie Talkie.]

Gordon: That’s right; the caller said GCW planned to crash the show. I’m headed to the loading docks. That’s where the woman said they’d be but I want security at all entrances.

[Gordon is joined by 5 security guards, they round the corner just as five men dressed in luchador masks climb out of a bread truck. A melee ensues and after a short fight, Gordon and security gain control. As Gordon and the security team restrain the failed invaders - three men in ski masks attack Gordon with clubs. Gordon is able to pull the mask off one who turns out to be Jack Nife. The men beat Gordon into submission, cuff his hands and feet together and toss him into the back of the bread truck, padlocking the door. Seconds later the truck starts up and screeches off through the parking lot and out of sight.]


Hart: They’ve just kidnapped the head of security.

Bonn: The following match is for the Triple A Championship and is a Bondage Match!

      • cheers***

Lane: At last!

Bonn: The winner will be the first competitor to secure each of their opponents' limbs to corresponding posts of the bed in the center of the ring.

Bonn: Introducing first, from San Antonio, Texas, weighing in tonight at 185 lbs, the challenger, Adora Cruz!

      • CHEERS ***

['Spitfire' plays as the lights flare to brilliant white, silhouetting Adora on stage, holding her RftC case high above her head, dressed in the same leather gear she was seen in on XCess and something hanging from her wrist.

As the lights fade, Goddess Alyx appears at her side and the two begin to walk towards the ring.]

Hart: This match is the latest chapter in a controversial feud.

Lane: Hey, what's that in Adora's hand?

Hart: It looks like... it looks like handcuffs, actually.

Bonn: And her opponent, he hails from Columbus, Ohio, weighing in at 245 lbs. He is your Triple A Champion, Egotripp!

      • CHEERS / BOOS ***

Hart: A mixed reaction for Egotripp.

Lane: Of course, he's a controversial figure.

[The lights dim and a fireball erupts at the entrance ramp as 'Becoming the Bull' by Atreyu plays. As red laser lights illuminate and flicker across the crowd Egotripp appears and makes his way to the ring.]

Hart: Egotripp is finally getting his Bondage match.

Lane: A stroke of genius it is too.

Hart: We'll see, Gary. Though it certainly is original.

[As Egotripp enters the Cell around the ring Adora dropkicks him through the ropes, knocking the door back open behind him and dropping the referee to the floor as he tries to close it.]

Hart: Adora getting things off to an early start.

[Egotripp is back to his feet quickly and slams the door shut, Adora still only half way out of the cell takes the blow on her calves and curls up in pain, quickly pulling herself back into the ring.]

Hart: And that's why it's called high risk offence, ladies and gentlemen.

[Egotripp follows Adora into the cell and with a handful of hair rams her face into the cell wall, even as the door is shutting.]

      • ding, ding, ding***

Hart: With the door closed it's time to start this match!

[Adora has her head rammed into the cell wall again but before it can happen a third time, she has her hands against the cage and braced.

She responds with a back elbow and another until Egotripp releases her.

Adora ducks a blow to the head and comes up with the cuffs over her hand like a knuckle duster, driving them into Egotripp's back, sending him to his knees.]

Lane: Handcuffs aren't meant to be used like that.

Hart: Maybe not but it's all legal.

[Adora snaps the end of the handcuffs over Egotripp's wrist who jerks away in surprise.

Adora snaps the other end over the bottom rope.]

Hart: Adora has Egotripp cuffed!

Lane: But that won't win her the match she can't even get him to the bed like that.

Hart: Maybe not but it gives her the advantage.

Egotripp chases the retreating Adora but as she rounds the corner he meets the turnbuckle and can go no further.

Adora rolls into the ring.]

Lane: Adora's searching the crates. Isn't it enough she has Egotripp cuffed she wants a weapon as well? How much of an advantage does she need?

Hart: Wait, what's Egotripp up to?

[Egotripp is on his knees, as low as the cuffs let him go, his free hand rummaging under the ring.]

Lane: I don't know but you have to expect he's got a plan.

[Adora shoves another crate aside.

Egotripp pulls a pair of bolt cutters from under the ring.]

Hart: You were right, Gary. Egotripp saw this coming!

[Adora pulls a hefty wooden paddle from one of the crates with a smile and takes a couple of experimental swings.

Egotripp cuts the handcuffs and disappears around the corner of the ring.

Adora turns and stops in her tracks when she sees Egotripp's vanished. She drops the paddle and runs over to investigate, finding half the cuffs.

Egotripp slides into the ring behind Adora and picks the same paddle up.

On the outside, Alyx shouts at Adora but Adora looks the wrong way, at Alyx.

Egotripp swings for the back of Adora's head.

Adora slumps forward across the ropes as the paddle connects.]

Lane: What a shot with that paddle! That damn near took Adora Cruz's head off!

Hart: She may have a concussion after that.

[Egotripp grabs Adora's wrist and drags her, as she holds her head with the other hand, to the bed.

Whilst she's still dazed Egotripp manages to secure Adora's wrist to the bed.]

Hart: That seems to have woken up the Hardcore Sweetheart.

[Adora quickly evades Egotripp's reaching for her other wrist.

She rolls onto the bed.

As he bends over her she lashes out with a leg and catches him with a low blow.

As Egotripp doubles Adora picks herself up into a crouch and stands as best she can. She grips the bed post and plants one foot on the head of the bed before launching herself at Egotripp.]

Hart: That's one of the most unique variants of a standing dropkick I think I've ever seen.

[As she reaches full extension she winces as her wrist is yanked by the leather strap.

Egotripp stumbles back and against the turnbuckle.

Adora turns on the strap and yanks at it, thrashing her arm against the bedpost.]

Lane: I'll give her this, Adora has heart, but she's tied to a four poster bed. Can she really expect to win?

Hart: I don't know, but she's not giving up.

[Alyx has moved around the cell and is shouting encouragement at Adora who bares her teeth and with a cry of frustration and some pain she falls back, hand free.]

Lane: She got out! She got free of the strap!

Hart: But look at the way she's holding her wrist. It had to cost her, I think she may have dislocated a thumb.

[Adora is back to her feet first.

She runs across the length of the ring,

Egotripp ducks out under the bottom rope at the last minute and Adora's kick goes over it. She grabs the middle rope to keep inside the ring.

On the outside Egotripp grabs her foot and lifts it, yanking it down, driving the rope up into the back of her knee.

Adora rolls back to the inside and drops to her knees.

Egotripp reaches around the ring post and again takes hold of her foot, wrapping her leg around the steel post and working on her knee again.]

Lane: Egotripp's targeting Adora's knee.

Hart: Taking away her aerial offense and the Cruz Missile.

[Adora rolls away from Egotripp, into the ring.

Egotripp jumps up onto the apron and steps through to follow her.

Adora rolls onto her hands and knees, hand closing over the handle of the wooden paddle.

Egotripp stomps Adora's back, flattening her to the canvas, dropping her over the paddle.

He reaches down to pick her up, only for Adora to roll over and swing the paddle into Egotripp's face.

Egotripp staggers sideways and leans on the ropes as Adora tosses the paddle from the ring and gets to her feet.]

Hart: One all, you might say.

[Adora reaches into one of the crates she was investigating earlier, pulling out a length of rope.

She wraps it around Egotripp's throat from behind.]

Lane: Adora's resorted to choking Egotripp.

Hart: Anything goes, Egotripp's own rules, Gary.

[Egotripp struggles wildly, trying to free the rope from around his neck but Adora just keeps the grip tight, swinging him into the ring by the neck.

Egotripp's struggles get weaker as Adora tightens her grip again.]

Hart: She might actually choke Egotripp unconscious, he can barely keep his hands up let alone pull himself free.

[In a last act of desperation Egotripp reaches up and grabs Adora's hair, pulling her down as he drops to a seated position, hitting Adora with a neckbreaker. As she rebounds she releases her grip on the rope.

Egotripp takes the rope up himself and returns the favor, wrapping it around Adora's throat and dropping a knee into the back of her spine.]

Lane: What's the saying? Turnabout is fair play?

[Adora reaches for her throat and uselessly pries at the rope.

She reaches up for Egotripp but lying on her front with him kneeling in her spine she's unable to get out of it the way her opponent did.

When she goes weak Egotripp drags her to the bed and throws her onto it.

Lying down over her to hold her still Egotripp starts to tie one of Adora's ankles to a bed post.]

Lane: Let's see her dislocate her foot. Once that strap's tightened, this match is over.

Hart: Don't speak too soon, look what Adora's up to.

[As Egotripp focuses on fastening the strap around Adora's ankle he doesn't notice as Adora slips a loop over his ankle. She makes sure it's perfectly in place before yanking it tight and fastening it.

Egotripp rears back to check the strap on her ankle as he feels it tighten, letting Adora sit up.]

Lane: Haha! This is brilliant! They're both tied down.

Hart: But it's who gets all four limbs tied down first that matters.

[Egotripp starts to undo the strap fastening his ankle.

Adora doesn't waste the time to untie herself. Instead she grabs Egotripp's wrist from behind and pulls it back across herself to the same post her foot is tied to.

After a struggle Adora rolls off the bed, foot still tied to the bed, but Egotripp is now fastened wrist and ankle.

Now Adora undoes her own ankle as Egotripp works on his wrist to free it.

Adora quickly hops onto the side of the bed and uses the spring of the mattress to launch a standing moonsault.

As she rolls off the other side of the bed she takes Egotripp's other wrist with her, using the shock of the moonsault to quickly fasten his other wrist.

As Egotripp thrashes against the straps tying three of his limbs to the bed Adora rests on her knees by the bed side, breathing hard after a tough match.

The fans cheer wildly and excitedly as they sense the end is near.]

Hart: One more strap, Adora only needs to tie down Egotripp's other leg and she's won.

[Adora gets to her feet and walks around the wildly thrashing Egotripp, careful to avoid the flailings of his free leg.

She blocks a kick and grips the ankle, wrapping her arm all the way around Egotripp's leg to hold it steady as she forces it to the bed, looping the strap around it.

Egotripp struggles and shakes the leather strap off his foot only for Adora to lay more weight on his leg and put it back.]

Lane: Egotripp fights for his championship right to the end!

Hart: But it is the end, Gary.

[Adora yanks the last strap tight and steps away.]

      • ding, ding, ding***

Bonn: Here is your winner, and NEW Triple A Champion! The Hardcore Sweetheart, Adora Cruz!

[Adora drops to her knees, both arms raised as the cell door is opened and Goddess Alyx and the referee enter. Both help Adora to her feet and raise a hand each, the referee handing her the Triple A championship and Alyx handing her back her briefcase.]

Hart: This time there's no asterisk, no question mark, no controversy. Adora beat Egotripp at his own game to regain the Triple A championship.

Lane: Somebody untie Egotripp! Or does Adora want to humiliate him by leaving him tied up like that.

[Adora, the referee and Alyx stand, Adora in the center, arms high, a title in one hand and the case in the other with their backs turned on the still struggling Egotripp.]

Hart: Gary, I don't think anyone in that ring's thinking about Egotripp, well, except Egotripp.


[A security guard rushes up to Duncan.]

Guard: Sir, they’ve taken Gordon.

Duncan: What? Who?

Guard: We don’t know. They jumped security in the loading dock and took Gordon away. We’ve notified the police.

Duncan: DAMN! Station security around the locker room and keep an eye on all the superstars.


Bonn: The following match is for the WWX Women’s Championship!

[‘Let it Roll’ by Velvet Revolver hits and Anastasia comes to the stage, bouncing on her heels before charging to the ring.]

Bonn: Coming to the ring first from Vancouver, British Columbia: Anastasia!

Hart: This young lady has come in promising to turn the entire Women’s Division around. I say she’s managed to do it by making it to Holiday Hell where she has a chance to walk out the Women’s Champion.

Lane: Hopefully she will. I’d hate for that ‘thing’ to win!

[‘Cherry Bomb’ by the Runaways hit and D.W.A hits the stage, gesturing at the crowd.]

Bonn: And her opponent: D.W.A!

      • CHEER***

Hart: D.W.A certainly making an impact here in the WWX early on and may go down in history as the strongest woman ever to compete.

Lane: These Germans have a weird sense of beauty.

[The ref rings the bell and D.W.A attempts a clothesline but Anastasia rolls out of the way. Anastasia takes the opening and kicks D.W.A behind the leg. D.W.A stumbles as Anastasia begins to kick her in the back of the leg repeatedly before D.W.A turns and boots her in the face.]

      • CHEER***

Lane: No! Not the face!

[The crowd boos/cheers as D.W.A pulls up Anastasia and whips her to the ropes, but Anastasia rebounds and hits D.W.A with a dropkick which doesn’t knock her down. Anastasia glares at D.W.A. as she wobbles and bounces off the ropes, going for a clothesline but gets caught with a spinebuster! D.W.A goes for the pin!]

Hart: God what impact!

Ref: 1…2[Kickout!]

      • Booo***

[DWA pulls Anastasia up and whips her into the corner back first. She slumps down across the bottom turnbuckle. DWA calls for a mic. DWA walks back to Anastasia and puts a boot on her chest to keep her held in the bottom turnbuckle.]

DWA: Now, I seem ta remember somethin' about you saying your only competition here in the WWX were a Paris Hilton wannabe and a shemale.

DWA: Well, you can say what you want about that beat-down worthless bitch Lazzarus but me? Well I'm tellin' you, the only pipe I got to my name was made of lead and cracked over the back of your skull on Ravage two weeks ago. But hell... don't take my word for it, why don't you just check for yourself?

[DWA drops the mic, places both hands on the top turnbuckle and jumping into the air swings down to land in a vicious bronco buster, though she seems to be riding a little higher up Anastasia's body than is traditional.]

Lane: I think I saw this last night in the Reeperbahn, and it cost me 50 euros.

[D.W.A pulls Anastasia up by her hair, but Anastasia counters with a jawbreaker. D.W.A stumbles into the ropes as Anastasia charges and gets flipped over the top but manages to land on the ring apron.]

Lane: Anastasia is definitely a quality athlete!

[Anastasia hits D.W.A with a series of rights behind the head before D.W.A blocks her. Anastasia struggles helplessly as D.W.A pulls her back into the ring and presses her over her head.]

Hart: But she is just no match for the brute strength of D.W.A!

      • CHEER***

[D.W.A walks around the ring holding Anastasia over her head with frightening ease before finally letting her crash to the ring, accidentally slamming into the ref on the way down.]

Lane: This is one scary female Mike.

[D.W.A pulls Anastasia up and is caught with a right to D.W.A’s side, stunning her. Anastasia continues to throw rights at her sides, finally doubling her over and hitting the DDT!]

Hart: Anastasia may just have enough left to win this!

[Anastasia gets to her feet just as Mackenzie McCloud slides end and nails her with a wicked chair shot!]

Hart: Mackenzie McCloud with that sickening shot!

Lane: What the hell?!

[The crowd begins to boo loudly as Mack shakes the ref awake and leaves as D.W.A gets to her feet and pulls up the unconscious Anastasia, hitting her with the DW Driver!]

Lane: NOOOO!!!

[D.W.A goes for the pin!]

Ref: 1…2…3!

Bonn: Here’s your winner and NEW Women’s Champion: D.W.A!

      • CHEER, Boooo***

[Mack backs up the ramp as DWA celebrates her first title win.]

Hart: I don’t think DWA knows what happened there.


[Duncan McIver and three suits from the board of directors make their way down the hall near the VIP boxes, laughing and drinking when the lights in the hall go out. There is a scuffle in the darkness and when the lights return the camera is resting on a table within one of the VIP boxes pointing at a bound and gagged Duncan McIver, tied up in a chair. The unconscious bodies of the three board members are lying a few feet away.]


Lane: We need security to the VIP section. Hart: There is no security without Gordon.

Bonn: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce to you, Germany’s own… RAMMSTEIN!

      • CHEER***

[Rammstein take the stage, the guitarist and bassist wearing contraptions on their heads (watch the video). They play Fire Frei.]

Hart: Wrestling and concerts what an event. Lane: I think the pyro may have melted the HHtron.

Bonn: The following match is the TLC Inferno match for the WWX Television Championship!

[The crowd cheers as the camera focuses first on the TV title hanging over the ring to the three men already in it.]

Bonn: Now introducing the challengers! First, from Ground Zero: War Machine Davis!

Crowd: BOOO!!!

Bonn: And his opponent! From Orange County, California: Sick Boy!

Crowd: *Cheers*

Bonn: And finally; from Detroit, Michigan! He is the reigning Television Champion: Krimzon Blaze!

[The moment his name is called Blaze charges across the ring and hits Sick Boy with a flying forearm. The bell rings as WMD sits back and watches Blaze throw punches at the downed Sick Boy.]

Hart: And here we go! Only the second TLC Inferno match in the history of the WWX!

Lane: And all three men are hungry Mike! They’re hungry for the gold hanging above the ring!

[Blaze backs up and is hit with a back suplex by WMD. WMD pulls Blaze up as he tries to fight him off and slams Blaze down, ignoring Sick Boy as he steps out of the ring.]

Hart: WMD pulling out the toys early in the match

[WMD picks up a ladder from the outside and slides it into the ring. As he tries to come back in, Sick Boy dropkicks him through the ropes and knocks him back to the floor. WMD shakes the cobwebs loose and Sick Boy launches himself over the ropes at WMD, but is caught!]

Hart: WMD caught him!

Lane: Wait!

[WMD grins malicious and turns for the ring post just as Blaze hits them both with a senton from the top turnbuckle! The crowd cheers loudly as Blaze get to his feet and rolls Sick Boy into the ring.]

Hart: It’ll be like this all night folks! Bodies are going to crash and burn!

[Blaze goes around the ring and grabs a steel chair as WMD gets to his feet and rolls into the ring. Blaze slides into the ring and charges WMD, only to get caught with a boot to the face.]

Hart: WMD is just a force of nature here tonight!

[WMD pulls Blaze up and pushes him into the corner, backing up just a bit before hitting a short clothesline. WMD lets Blaze come out of the corner but is hit in the back of the head with the ladder by Sick Boy! WMD stumbles as Sick Boy aims lower and uses the ladder on the back of WMD’s legs, finally knocking him down! Blaze comes out of the corner and is also met with a ladder shot from Sick Boy!]

Lane: Someone get that ladder away from him!

[Sick Boy turns and sets the ladder up in the center of the ring and begins climbing. As he gets near the top, he turns back and locks down at Blaze.]

Hart: He can’t be thinking of that Aerial Assault! Not from that far up!

Lane: He’s already nearly ended Paco Lypse’s career! Not another one!

[But as he’s considering it WMD gets to his feet as he’s about halfway up. WMD gets inside of the ladder and lifts it off the ground with Sick Boy still on it, trying and failing to grab the belt as WMD moves slowly across the ring and finally drops the ladder and Sick Boy out of the ring!]

Hart: My God the strength! The strength of WMD!

[WMD roars to the booing crowd as Blaze comes from behind with a chair shot, with no effect. WMD turns and Blaze hits him with another chair shot that has little effect. WMD grabs Blaze by the throat and hurls him out of the ring, leaving him alone but without a ladder.]

Hart: WMD has firm control of this match

[WMD goes to the outside to get the ladder he threw out, only to get kicked in balls by Sick Boy! The shot drops him to one knee as Blaze gets to his feet on the other side. Sick Boy slides into the ring and bounces off the ropes, hitting a suicide dive on Blaze into the barricade!]

Hart: What a move by Sick Boy! And smart to target Blaze instead of WMD!

[Sick Boy slowly stands and slides a table into the ring as WMD gets up slowly and slides in the ladder. Sick Boy rolls in Krimzon Blaze, who has begun to bleed, and follows behind him. Sick Boy pulls up the table and catches WMD in the gut as he tries to get back into the ring, knocking him back to the ground. Sick Boy sets up the table near the corner and pulls up Blaze, only to get caught with a chop. Sick Boy stumbles back and Blaze hits another chop. Blaze measures Sick Boy and springboards off the second rope, hitting him with a calf kick! Sick Boy rolls across the ring as WMD slides into the ring and grabs Blaze from behind, hitting the Face First Hell Ride through the table!]

Hart: Face-First Hell Ride! Blaze is done!

[WMD growls at the downed Blaze and grabs the ladder and sets it up again in the ring. Slowly, he begins to climb.]

Lane: He’s all alone! WMD is going to do it!

[The crowd cheers as Sick Boy climbs up a nearby turnbuckle, a chair with a cloth wrapped around it in his hand as WMD gets closer to the top. Sick Boy waits for a moment and leaps forward, dropkicking the chair into WMD’s skull!]

Hart: My God what a shot!

[WMD stumbles off the ladders as Sick Boy gets up, chair still in hand, and climbs up another few rungs just to dropkick the chair into his face again! WMD stumbles and falls against a nearby turnbuckle as Sick Boy reaches into his pocket and pulls out a lighter, lighting the cloth around the chair on fire!]

Hart: It’s on fire! The chair is on fire!

[The crowd roars loudly as Sick Boy climbs up the ladder, stopping near the top and measures WMD! He holds up the chair for a moment before hitting the Sick Boy Surf Board (Van-Terminator) on WMD!]

Crowd: Holy Shit!

Hart: WMD could be out!

[Sick Boy leaves the chair flaming in the center of the ring as he turns back to the ladder, now completely exhausted. Sick Boy pulls himself and drags himself to the ladder and begins to climb.]

Hart: Sick Boy is going to win it! He’s going to win it!

[Sick Boy climbs up slowly and finally reaches the top and stretches up, trying desperately to grab the belt and just as his fingertips grazes it, Blaze comes from behind and hits him in the back with the flaming chair!]

Lane: The Champ lives!

[Sick Boy wobbles but manages to stay on the ladder as Blaze drops the chair and begins to climb up the opposite side! Sick Boy sees him coming and tries to go for a punch, but is blocked and Blaze hits him with the Kode of Silence off the ladder, drilling Sick Boy into the chair!]

Hart: Kode of Silence! Off the ladder! Onto that flaming chair!

[The crowd boos as Blaze pulls himself off the extinguished chair quickly and climbs the ladder, struggling for a moment before reaching the top and pulls down the belt!]

Lane: Yes! Yes!

Bonn: Here is your winner and STILL the Television Champion: Krimzon Blaze!

Hart: What a match! And now Krimzon Blaze, 2-0 in his invention!

Lane: The Era of the Aerial Specialist may have finally started on Ravage!


[Duncan McIver sits in his chair, his mouth still gagged as he struggles against the ropes that bind him. A man in a mask walks up beside him and rests a hand on his shoulder.]

Man: There’s no use in struggling. Besides… we’re not after you. You just happened to be with the wrong people at the wrong time. Trust us… this is for the good of the company.

[From an adjacent room echoes a scream of pain followed by sobbing. Seconds later the door leading to the room opens and one of the three board members stumbles through and flops to the floor, clutching at his stomach and whimpering. The masked man grabs him by the back of his collar and tosses him to the corner before hauling the next board member up and forcefully ushering him in through the door.]


Hart: What are they doing to the board of directors?

Bonn: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the WWX International Championship.

      • CHEER***

Bonn: Introducing first from San Diego, California, SHADOW!!!

      • BOOO***

[The entire arena goes dead black, and the HHtron reads "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" as a low voice narrates. Not Alone hits and Shadow walks out from the back, solemn and determined.]

Hart: Shadow looks ready. Lane: He’ll have no problem tearing Sped apart and becoming the International Champion.

Bonn: His opponent, hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, he is the reigning WWX INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION, SPED EASTIN!!!

      • CHEER***

[The arena goes pitch black, and the entrance gets a blood-red spotlight, as smoke starts flowing from the ramp. Cult of Personality begins to play Sped rocks his way to the ring, slapping hands and holding the title high.]

Hart: The champ looks ready for action.

[Sped climbs into the ring handing the title to the ref. The ref shows the belt then calls for the bell.

      • ding, ding, ding***

Shadow walks right up to Sped and calls for a collar and elbow. Sped moves in and Shadow quickly backs away wagging his finger. Shadow moves to the ropes and pulls, testing them. He moves back to Sped and immediately locks up with him. Shadow takes control with a side headlock. Sped sends Shadow to the ropes. Shadow rebounds and leapfrogs Sped. Sped mule kicks, catching Shadow in the back sending him sprawling across the second rope.]

      • CHEER***

Hart: Shadow didn’t see that coming.

[Sped hits the far ropes, rebounds and goes to land full on Shadow. Shadow rolls way, Sped slides between the top and middle rope but lands on his feet. Shadow gets to his feet. Sped grabs him by the ankles and pulls him down and to the outside. Sped lands a powerful right hand.]

Hart: I think Shadow thought Sped was going to be a pushover. Sped is proving otherwise.

[Shadow shoves Sped back first into the guard rail. Sped right back up charges Shadow. Shadow with a one arm flapjack sends Sped face first onto the apron. Shadow rolls in breaking the count at 6.]

      • BOOO***

Lane: That’s it, hurt him. Hart: Shadow needs to get Sped back into the ring.

[Shadow reaches out and grabs Sped by the hair and pulls him up onto the apron. Sped, guillotines Shadow across the tope rope. Shadow recoils onto the mat. Sped delivers a springboard moonsault hitting Shadow square in the chest. Sped covers.

      • CHEER***

1…2… Shadow gets a foot on the ropes.]

Lane: What a champion, he always knows where he is in the ring. Hart: He’s not the champion yet.

[Sped pulls Shadow up. Shadow executes a schoolboy roll up. 1…2… kickout. Both men get to their feet. Shadow hits a short clothesline. Sped pops right back up. Shadow goes for another clothesline. Sped ducks and catches Shadow with a neckbreaker. Sped jumps up and climbs the nearest turnbuckle.]

Hart: The 420 Splash.

        • POM***


      • BOOO***

[Shadow rolls away at the last second as Sped rolls on the mat in pain. Shadow gets to his feet. He starts putting the boots to Sped. Sped rolls with each stomp landing on the outside. Shadow slingshots over the top rope to the outside. Sped sidesteps allowing Shadow to land ribs first onto the guard rail.]

      • CHEER***

Hart: Shadow in trouble now.

[Both me are slow to their feet. Shadow hits a knee to the gut. He goes for a Suplex. Sped blocks. Sped goes for a DDT. Shadow shoves Sped back into the steel steps.]

Lane: The ref is up to 6, Shadow needs to get Sped into the ring.

[Shadow pulls Sped up and rolls him into the ring. Shadow climbs the turnbuckle, holding his ribs. He leaps off with the Splashing Frog Press (shooting star into frogsplash).]

      • BOOO***

Hart: He hit it. But can he make the cover?

[Shadow rolls on the mat clutching injured ribs. He crawls to Sped. He drapes an arm over. 1…2… shoulder up.]

      • CHEER***

Lane: NOOOO.

[Shadow rolls to the outside. He shoves Kyla off her chair and folds it up.]

Hart: He can’t do that. Lane: DON’T!

[Shadow slides in as Sped gets to his feet.

      • CRACK***
      • BOOO***
      • ding, ding, ding***

Shadow slams the chair down onto Sped’s head. He drops to a seated position. Shadow drives it down again.

      • CRACK***

Shadow tees up and swings the chair right for Sped’s face busting him open.]

Bonn: Here is your winner and STILL WWX… ***Gasp***

[Shadow slides from the ring and grabs Kyla by the throat.]


[Kyla’s eyes go wide.]

Bonn: Your new WWX International Champion, Shadow.

      • BOOO***

[Shadow grabs the title and shoves past rolling into the ring holding it over Sped’s head before rolling out of the ring.]

Hart: This is ridiculous; Sped is still the International Champ. [Sped rolls to his knees and crawls to the apron. Shadow sees Sped up and bolts up the ramp. Sped shoves the ref away and stumbles after him.]


[Shadow bursts through the curtain.]

Shadow: Out of my way you idiots.

[He plows through a crowd of reporters and sprints/limps towards the parking area. Sped comes limping after him. Shadow dives into a rental car and peels out leaving Sped swearing behind him.]


Hart: This is outlandish. Lane: I thought it was very entertaining.


[Rheinhardt stands by the door of his locker room, dressed ready for his match, the WWX World Heavyweight championship draped over his massive shoulder.]

Rheinhardt:(Eyeing the camera through his Jaeger shades) At this time I'm going to do something I don’t normally do, but as it approaches the anniversary of his death I think it is very fitting, seeing as we stand in this building.... I dedicate this title match to the memory of Maximillian Adolph Otto Siegfried Schmeling, former Heavyweight Boxing champion of the World. As one great German to another it is only fitting that the man be remembered here in Deutschland ahead of this match, Max was nearly 100 years old before he passed away in Wenzendorf in 2005. The first man to defeat Joe Louis, way back in 1936.

Rheinhardt: Max was branded as a Nazi during the following troubling times whilst he was in America, but the truth could not be more opposite. A Gentleman and a scholar, Deutschland could ask for no better ambassador. Max Schmeling... I salute you. A man who truly carried and demonstrated to the world… PURE… GERMAN… POWER!


Bonn: The following contest is tonight’s MAIN EVENT!

      • CHEER***

Bonn: Introducing first, from Quantico, Virginia…

      • BOOO***


[Dictated Aggression by Method of Destruction fills the arena. The lights dim and a red glow hits the stage. The HHTron flares to life showing a small object rapidly growing in size. As the object on the HHTron gets larger it becomes apparent that it is a large, vicious bull dog. The animal’s jaws rip apart the screen. Machinegun like pyro goes of as Sanders steps out into view.]

      • BOOO***

Hart: These fans don’t care for Sanders one bit. Lane: They shouldn’t, he’s the man that’s going to take Rheinhardt’s title.

[Sanders marches to the ring and climbs in, ready for a fight.]

Bonn: His opponent, hailing from Berlin, Germany…

      • CHEER***

Hart: These fans going nuts for the hometown hero.

[The lights dim, and smoke begins to fill the aisle, as Rammstein comes out on the ramp. They begin to play Ich Wil. As the Drums and bass kick in, Pyro explodes from the start, sending jets of golden sparks into the air. The HHtron shows, a large German flag, outlining the massive frame of a man. Suddenly another jet of pyro shoots up as Rheinhardt emerges from behind the curtain, he walks over to Till and shakes his hand mid song then turns to the ring. He studies the ring for a second, through his Jaeger sunglasses before beginning to make his way to the ring stalking instead of walking to the ring. He steps over the top rope, suddenly raises both his hands locking them above his head (Saturn like.) As he does this, again pyro explodes, but this time from the turnbuckles.]

Lane: The fans go wild for Rheinhardt and Rammstein.

[Rheinhardt hands the title away to the ref and stares down Sanders. Rheinhardt moves for a collar and elbow tie up. Sanders ducks under Rheinhardt’s massive arms and hits a standing drop kick to his back. Rheinhardt stumbles but does not fall.]

Hart: A big strike from Sanders but it doesn’t take down the dinosaur.

[Sanders is right on top of things attacking Rheinhardt from behind landing several big forearms to the back of the champ’s head forcing him into the corner. Rheinhardt turns. Sanders starts landing rapid fire clenched fists to Rheinhardt’s head and midsection.

      • BOOO***

The ref backs him off and warns about the closed fists. Rheinhardt shoves past the ref and grabs Sanders by the throat. Rheinhardt lifts and spins slamming Sanders into the corner.

      • CHEER***

Rheinhardt chops Sanders three times. He pulls Sanders out into the middle of the ring and lifts him up hitting a sidewalk slam.]

Lane: Rheinhardt going for the cover. 1… Sanders kicks out.

      • BOOO***

[Rheinhardt gets to his feet and pulls Sanders up. Sanders kicks Rheinhardt in the quad and then Irish Whips him across the ropes. Rheinhardt rebounds. Sanders drops as Rheinhardt runs to the far side. Sanders back up. Rheinhardt rebounds again. Sanders bends for a back body drop. Rheinhardt puts on the breaks. He hefts Sanders up for a powerbomb. Up at the apex, Sanders begins punching Rheinhardt in the face. Rheinhardt stumbles backwards towards the ropes.]

Hart: Rheinhardt better be careful…

[Both men tumble over the top rope, Sanders twists at the last moment to avoid going head first into guard rail.]

Lane: Brilliant move by Sanders.

[Sanders is first to his feet. Rheinhardt is up on his hands and knees. Sanders charges and Kicks Rheinhardt in the side of the head sending him down. Sanders rolls in the ring to break the count and rolls right out. He pulls Rheinhardt up and bounces his head off the apron. He pulls him back for a second shot. Rheinhardt blocks. Rheinhardt bounces Sanders’ face off the apron and rolls him in. Sanders rolls to the far side and out as Rheinhardt climbs back in.]

Hart: And just like that the momentum shifts again.

[Rheinhardt stalks across the ring and climbs out as Sanders moves away around the ring. Rheinhardt gives chase. Sanders rolls in.]

Lane: The action is right in front of us…

[Rheinhardt climbs up onto the apron. Sanders charges across the ring and dives through the top and middle ropes spearing Rheinhardt off the apron and through the Spanish announce table.]

      • Heilige Scheiße, Heilige Scheiße, Heilige Scheiße***

Hart: What impact. But can Sanders take advantage?

[Sanders is the first to move. He gets to his feet.

      • BOOO***

He pulls Rheinhardt up and rolls him into the ring. He follows and covers. 1…2… kickout.]

      • CHEER***

Lane: Sanders can’t believe it. Hart: There’s a lot of fight left in Rheinhardt.

[Sanders gets to his feet and pulls Rheinhardt up. Sanders delivers a big body slam. Rheinhardt gets to his feet as if rejuvenated and hits a huge clothesline on Sanders. Rheinhardt bellows.]


Hart: These fans are showing their support.

[Rheinhardt pulls Sanders up and delivers three quick knees to the gut of Sanders. Rheinhardt hooks Sanders for the Berlin Wall (Vertical Suplex into kneeling powerbomb.) Sanders hooks his leg around Rheinhardt’s, blocking the move.]

Lane: Sanders has this move well scouted.

[Rheinhardt lands a clubbing forearm to the back of Sanders and tries again. Sanders again blocks. Sanders lands a series of quick shots to the ribs of Rheinhardt. Rheinhardt shoves Sanders back. Sanders charges in but gets caught in a big bear hug. Rheinhardt squeezes Sanders.]

Hart: The ref checking on the Devil Dog.


[Sanders refuses to give up. He boxes Rheinhardt’s ears and follows with a big head butt. Rheinhardt is forced to drop him. Sanders staggers back. Rheinhardt charges.]

Hart: Sanders using Rheinhardt’s momentum hits a BIG bodyslam.

      • BOOO***

[Sanders follows it up with and elbow drop to the sternum. Sanders pops up and jumps up and lands knees first across the chest of Rheinhardt.]

      • BOOO***

Lane: The champ is really puffing now.

[Rheinhardt’s massive chest heaves as he gets to his feet. Sanders hoists Rheinhardt up and delivers a big gut buster.

      • BOOO***

Sanders covers. 1…2…shoulder up.]

Hart: Sanders is frustrated.

[Sanders pulls Rheinhardt up and whips him into the turnbuckle chest first. He charges after him hitting a shoulder to the lower back. He catches Rheinhardt by the head and slams him down across his knee with a modified back breaker.]

      • BOOO***

Lane: Sanders has complete control here.

[Sanders moves in and gets a big boot to the gut from Rheinhardt. Rheinhardt rolls to the ropes and pulls himself up. Sanders charges and catches him with a shoulder to the gut. Sanders hoists Rheinhardt up for a big body slam spinning him to the middle of the ring. Rheinhardt’s foot catches the ref in the face.]

      • BOOO***

Hart: The ref is down.

[Sanders rolls from the ring and grabs a steel chair and slides it in.

      • BOOOOO****

Sanders sets the chair up and waits for Rheinhardt to get to his feet.]

Lane: The ref is still down, Sanders looks to take advantage.

[Rheinhardt up. Sanders moves in. Rheinhardt with a kick to the gut.]

Hart: Berlin Wall on the chair?

[Rheinhardt starts to lift Sanders up for the Berlin Wall. Sanders twists and hits an RKO on Rheinhardt driving him ribs first onto the chair, crushing it.]

      • BOOO***

Hart: DID THE REF SEE IT?!?!?! Lane: NO!

[The ref just starts to stir.]

Hart: Rheinhardt is cut open on his ribs.

[The camera closes in on a huge gash on Rheinhardt’s right side. Sanders covers. 1…2…3…]

      • ding, ding, ding***

Hart: I don’t believe it!


      • BOOO***

[Sanders gets to his feet and raises his arms high. The ref looks at Rheinhardt’s bloody chest and then sees the chair under him.]

Hart: WAIT!

[The ref signals the timekeeper.

      • Ding, ding, ding***

The ref talks with Kyla as Sanders grabs him and spins him around screaming.]

Bonn: I have just been informed that the referee has just reversed his decision. Therefore your winner by Disqualification, and STILL WWX WORLD WRESTLING CHAMPION, RHEINHARDT!!!

[Sanders body slams the ref then turns to Rheinhardt. He pulls the German up and hits the Devil Dog (Double underhook face first powerbomb) onto the steel chair. He climbs from the ring and grabs the title and holds it high.]

Hart: This is just disgusting, and Duncan is incapacitated.

[Beethoven's Fifth hits on the pa as Steve Cuthbert, Julia McTiernan and three masked men walk down to the ring. They enter and Sanders steps over to join them. Julia takes the microphone from Kyla.]

Julia: For the last eight months I have sat back and watched as my father tore this company apart. He appointed one commissioner after another over Ravage, dissolved Mayhem because it posed a threat to his flagship show, Fury...and conspired with Rick and Scott Dreamie to sabotage Cuthbert's Uprising.

[The crowd gasps at the accusation.]

Lane: I knew it! I knew the boss had something to do with that!

Hart: Are you insane Gary? Why would McIver want to sabotage a groundbreaking show?

Lane: Mayhem was a huge success that rivaled Fury...Uprising was poised to do the same. Duncan probably felt he couldn't handle the combined threat of Armitage and Cuthbert taking away his ratings.

[Julia hands the mic over to Cuthbert.]

Cuthbert: I was shocked when the Tron structure fell at the first Uprising. I couldn't believe what was happening. The first Uprising was the most expensive, most elaborate show in WWX history and someone dared to not only disrupt the main event but allegedly injure the World Tag Team Champions in the process...only they knew it was coming and played a convincing enough role to get the union to shut the show down.

[The crowd murmurs as footage of the Tron collapsing at Uprising plays. The scene cuts to Scott Dreamie, his shoulder covered in blood, crawling out from the debris.]

Cuthbert: But then I looked deeper into the matter. There are only a total of four people here at the WWX that have knowledge of how to bring down a structure like that without the use of explosives. The two Tron engineers from Fury, Wes Armitage and myself.

[crowd murmurs]

Cuthbert: I don't think that Armitage would stoop that low and I know that I sure as hell didn't do it. So that only leaves one other possibility...and we know who they work for. As for Mayhem Inc.

[The masked men reach up and remove their masks.]

Hart: Jack Nife, Rigg and Dave Meltzger! These men just signed their death warrants. As soon as Duncan gets free and Gordon finds out...

Lane: Gordon is long gone, Mike. For all we know he may be on Julia's team. He could have defected.

Cuthbert: In October...the Bomb Squad fell. In November...we took out the Revolution from Hell without barely a challenge. Over the last month...we ensured that Domi-Nation disappeared off the radar. Athena lost her title without getting pinned. Rick is... [Sanders wipes away a fake tear]...Rick is regrettably injured from a backstage attack and Scott is completely dependent upon his brother. Egotripp....well....he's not all there anyway. The Legends or Eyes Only as they call themselves are not even a factor. We are the dominant stable in the WWX.

[Julia takes the microphone from Cuthbert.]

Julia: Because of my father's failures as it pertains to Ravage and his apparent conspiracy against Uprising which cost this company nearly a million dollars...I have earlier tonight persuaded three major stockholders to relinquish their shares to me.

[A smile crosses Julia's mouth as she looks up at the VIP boxes.]

Julia: I guess that makes ME the majority shareholder of this company.

Hart: This is all disgusting! This is sickening! These people attacked Gordon to keep him away tonight. They assaulted Mr. McIver and tortured three board members just to gain an advantage in company stock!? This is preposterous!

Lane: Ha, ha!! This is great! This isn't about shares. This is about power! She has my vote. Anyone who can outwit McIver and position a faction to take over an entire Federation has the ability to lead this company into the future.

[Corporal Sanders gets the microphone and stares up toward the tunnel entrance.]

Sanders: As you can see there is nothing anyone can do to stop us. Whatever we want we take. We're smarter, stronger, more organized and more disciplined. This is where the talent in the WWX lies. Here with us is where anyone who wants to taste gold needs to stand.

[Sanders smirks and holds an open hand out gesturing to the back.]

Sanders: Who is foolish enough to believe that they stand a chance against such greatness as this?

[The lights go out and the PA crackles to life, the sound of a child singing. Yo, ho, haul together, hoist the colors high. Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die. The king and his men stole the queen from her bed and bound her in her Bones. The seas be ours and by the powers where we will we'll roam. The lights return on the ring, showing Sanders in the middle of the ring, flanked by Rigg, Knife, and Meltzger. The lights around the HHtron return showing Cuthbert and McTiernan bound to the vertical support beams, standing on round wooden casks with trails of a black substance running to the middle of the ramp.]

Hart: What’s going on?

[Yo, ho, haul together, hoist the colors high. Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die. Some men have died and some are alive and others sail on the sea – with the keys to the cage... and the Devil to pay we lay to Fiddler's Green! The HHtron comes to life showing a moldy Jolly Rodger.] Lane: IT Can’t BE! [The bell has been raised from its watery grave... Do you hear it's sepulchral tone? We are a call to all, pay head the squall and turn your sail toward home! Yo, ho, haul together, hoist the colors high. Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die.

Sanders starts to climb from the ring when a figure, shrouded in mist steps onto the ramp and begins to speak.]

Voice: If ye value their lives ye best be stay’n put.

[Sanders freezes his eyes wide.]

Voice: That be fer true, marine. Ye call for anyone willin’ ta stand aga’n ya.

[The mist clears as glowing red embers in a moldy beard can be seen as the visage of Capn’ Keats comes into view. He is covered from head to foot in seaweed and mold, something is chained to his leg, slowing his forward walk.] Keats: Ye be a Marine, Semper Fidelis, always faithful. Ye talk of honor and duty. [Keats pulls on the chain attached to his leg dragging a cannon barrel into view.] Keats: YE STRAPPED ME TO A CANNON AND LEFT ME FER DEAD! [Sanders backs away from the ropes to his comrades. The crowd gasps in shock.] Keats: Me crew believed you when you said you’d found me. But you were out for your own. But ye didne count on my return. I made my deal with Davy Jones and paid my debt in full. [The HHTron lights up with a distant shot of a 3 masted ship. It closes in and hanging from the yard arms instead of sails are bodies.] Keats: 200 of the scurviest bastards what ever sailed the Revenge. MY CREW that was disloyal. All so you can settle yer debt with me. [Sanders and the others move to the ropes.] Keats: Come closer if ye wish them to be a down payment to the devil. [Keats pulls a lit wick from his beard and holds it over the powder trail.] Keats: Sanders, be ware, yer time is almost up. I’ve been stalking you for weeks and have struck without anyone the wiser. When will I come for you? [Keats begins to sing.] Keats: Yo, ho, haul together, hoist the colors high. Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die. Lane: NOOOO!! [Keats drops the wick. Sanders and the rest move to the ropes again. The burning powder turns away from the kegs and rushes towards the ring. Suddenly the apron covering drops to reveal 2 kegs at each corner. Lane and Hart dive over the guardrail as Sanders, Rigg, Knife and Meltzger dive from the ring.]


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