Honorable Wrestling Alliance


HWA is an angle based federation. The quality of player role plays accounts in most cases to the result of a match. The more players contribute to cards (angles, interviews, match writing etc.) the more the handler will further their wrestler's chances of winning.


President Deadman & Former C.E.O. Ash


Formerly based in the Mid-Southern region of the NeWA, the Honorable Wrestling Alliance has been going strong since Christmas of 2002 and now occupies the South East.

H.W.A. emphasizes a respectable and competitive quo, perfecting superstars at all levels of experience.

The Honorable Wrestling Alliance is all about "Old School Wrestling at its Finest"; where President Deadman's goal is to sustain honorable competition in a place where trash cans and defibrillators are completely out of the question.

H.W.A. Championships

  • H.W.A. Honorable Championship
  • H.W.A. Hatchet Championship
  • H.W.A. Tag Team Championships



  • Tennessee
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Florida

H.W.A. Headquarters

Memphis, Tennessee

H.W.A. Television Broadcasts

Monday Night Glory

Monday Night Glory is H.W.A's official bi-weekly show. The very first Monday Night Glory took place in New York City's own Madison Square Garden where Captain Fear The Buccaneer defeated Ptah in the main event of the evening to become H.W.A's very first Heavyweight Champion, and was inducted into the H.W.A. Hall of Fame.

Thursday Night Honor

Thursday Night Honor was an H.W.A. weekly show that lasted for only a few months 11/10/05-02/09/06 when ESPN/Sportsnet replaced H.W.A's Monday night timeslot with the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

H.W.A. Hall of Fame

Full Metal Wrestling Invitational

Please accept (and forgive) this edit as your invitational to a cross-federation tournament to feature the best and the brightest that the e-wrestling world has to offer. The Full Metal Wrestling Invitational is hosted by Full Metal Wrestling @ Spaces are limited so please RSVP as soon as possible. The tournament will feature the 4 best superstars from all of the participating federations.

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Honorable Wrestling Alliance

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