Leave of absence

The host with the most forumally known as "Spike" was once one of xWo's highest and most respected members. Unfortuantly after a few dilberate losses on his part his lost his heart. He went on a permentally LOA until he could get him self back together. Today his only function on xWo is his raido show.

Title History

The Host with the Most's formular personna "Spike" was the longest reigning Television champion, Meltdown Champion and the only person to win the two titles and hold them simultaneously.

Reality Check

The host with the most was the oiginal creater of xWo's raido shows. He has his own show as well "The Reality Check" which is posted some time after Monday Night Revenge. His shows usually consist of a topic made by a member of xWo, a topic of his own choosing as well as The superstar and question of the week.

Christmas Speical

There will be a Christmas special of the reality check in which either Luke Holden, Randy Fields, Savage, JH, or J will guest star. It will be a 3 part show and go on for approximately half an hour.

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