The House of Pain
Faction Name The House of Pain
Abbreviation HoP
Status Inactive
Members Trey Ortega

Kilo Jones
Claude Fury
Donny Allen


When the CWA champio Kilo Jones needed back-up in his war with the CWA office he recruited the Tattooed Terror Trey Ortega and Claude Fury. The trio cut a path of destruction thourh the fed until Claude's let them down. Kilo and Trey viciously dumped Claude from the group (and the fed), feeling the need for a technician in the group the recruited the wrestling supremeo Donny Allen. Before the group could renew its dominance the CWA shut down.


Out of the remains of CWA the IIW emerged and Kilo, Donny and Trey found themselves together again. Kilo reunited the group ny leaving HoP caps in the members locker rooms. The group rode tall again with Donny claiming the IIW World title.

Believing himself the star of the group Donny tried to move out of his team-mates shadows, this lead to a violent falling out and the trio split once again.

Pryde Wrestling

After CWA closed Trey joined the PrYde Wrestling Federation and quickly made his way into title contention. At Fatal Fools Day 2007 Kilo joined him distracting the then current Pryde World Champion CBR so Trey could claim the gold.

On three separate occasions different Pryde commissioners have forced Kilo and Trey to fight each other. The first to contests ended in draws and until the final contest where Trey emerged as the victor. They have also fought each other in a triple threat match which was won by Iman Sain (the third participant).

Tag titles

Following Trey's second loss of the PrYde World Heavyweight Championship the HoP focused on the PrYde Extreme Tag Team Championships which they susequantly won and held for a record breaking 84 days. After Kilo left the promotion for personal reasons Trey was forced to defend the title in a handicap match, which he lost.

Entrance Music

Davidian by Machine Head

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