The I-40 Street Fight is a match with similar rules to a conventional street fight. The difference lies in the unique weaponry and ringside props put into play during the match that are representative of the interstate highway the match is named after. Also, the match is held on a stretch of the namesake highway determined beforehand by either the challenger or challenged. It was created by Merrill Waters in 2007 as a challenge match for then-UHWF Platinum champion Scott Stonewall. He created the match because I-40 runs through his original hometown of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Because the highway is always being updated and repaired, it incorporates construction equipment as both decoration and weaponry. The first one took place at the St. Valentine's Day Massacre PPV on Feb. 26th, 2007.

Rules and Details of the Match


The match takes place on a predetermined stretch of I-40. The rules are:

  1. There are no disqualifications. Weapons are provided, but anything is legal.
  2. Pinfall or submission will win. There is no countout.
  3. Falls or submissions count anywhere.

Unique Weaponry and Decorations

Around the destignated stretch of highway are littered various road construction paraphernalia, as the match's namesake is almost always under construction and repair. Active weapons include:

  • Roadblock signs
  • Exit signs
  • Mile markers
  • Speed limit signs

Ringside decorations (which can also be used as weaponry) include:

  • Concrete road barriers
  • Metal guardrails
  • Reflector barrels

History of the Match

To this date, there has been one I-40 Street Fight.

I-40 Street Fight I: Memphis

The first I-40 Street Fight was held on February 26th, 2007 as part of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre PPV event. For the UHWF Platinum Championship bout, a stretch of I-40 in Memphis, Tennessee was cordoned off and littered with road construction equipment. Scott Stonewall made his entrance on foot, but Merrill made his entrance in the driver's seat of an Oklahoma Department of Transportation truck. The contest was hard-fought, with no less than four near falls. In the end, Merrill employed a sledgehammer to counter Stonewall's size advantage and locked in the Eclipse submission, forcing the bloodied champ to tap out. The win catapulted Merrill to his first ever singles title win.

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