The Intense Championship Wrestling Federation(ICWF) World Heavyweight Championship is the most prized possession in the ICWF! The person who holds this belt is on top of their game and can claim himself as the #1 person in the ICWF. The World Title must be defended at least once a month, and at every PPV.

Current Champion

Dexter Payne

Title History

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
The Sandman 1 July 31, 1996
"Superstar" Skip Anthony 1 September 15, 1996
Petty Officer Pain 1 October 15, 1996
"Superstar" Skip Anthony 2 November 26, 1996 Orlando, Florida
Title Vacated November 27, 1997
Johnny "Tap" Ving 1 December 26, 1996
Messiah 1 February 20th, 1997
Johnny "Tap" Ving 2 February 28th, 1997
"Superstar" Skip Anthony 3 April 7, 1997

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