The ICWF World Media Title is the unofficial new name of the ICWF World Television title. This new, but unofficial name for the title is the brainchild of ICWF wrestler and first former title holder under this "new name", "The Legendary Advocate" Adam Northstar.

Northstar's Reasoning for Renaming This Title

Northstar agreed to sit down and expose to the entire world to discuss with us as to why he wants the ICWF World TV Title to be renamed the ICWF World Media Title...

"Dudes, I got sick of my predecessors defiling the title and of administration after adminstration implying as if TV is the only form of media that wrestling will ever use. That's just plain shortsighted in my opinion. I mean, dudes and babes, there were telephone wrestling hotlines, advertisements for wrestling events on radio and newspapers, and let's not forget our newest friend...the internet. "

"The last time I had this belt was in July of 2005. Back then, I was a little less aggressive in the wrestling than I am now. This is now 2007 and believe me: all of that has changed and I will not revert back to my previous form. That, I, "The Legendary Advocate" Adam Northstar, promise TO...THE...WORLD !!!!!!!! PEACE, DUDES AND BABES !!!!!!!!!!!!!", he said as he traditionally flashed the peace sign before he left.

Successors' Views

--Adam Flash

"While it is nice that I won this title, I don't appreciate how it happened," says Adam Flash via a phone interview while waiting for his hotel room. "I mean, seriously, I had Northstar beat until that renegade, Kuma, decided to interfere. I understand what he was trying to accomplish...he wanted to show Adam Northstar that he meant business. BUT, he hit me with a ====== lighttube. Now he has ME to worry about. If Adam wants his rematch, he can meet me at Six Feet Under."

As of this posting, Adam Flash has not reverted the title's name to 'Television' title. He went on to say the title will remain the 'World Media Title' until he beats Adam Northstar in a FAIR match.

UPDATE: (12/5/07) The World Media Title has officially been reverted to its official name by order of the ICWF Presidential Committee.

Links to Pages of World Media Title Holders

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