Burn is the monthly show held by InRing Forum Federation

IFF Burn
IFF Burn
Promotion IFF
Date 1-5 of the month
Venue IFF Arena
Pay-per-view chronology
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IFF Burn chronology
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May 2008

June 2008

July 2008

August 2008

This month the show didn`t take place.

September 2008

October 2008

  • KOTR Qualification Match: John Storm fought Kyoto to a no contest
    • Storm and Kyoto was both counted out outside the ring.
  • KOTR Qualification Match: The Latin Snake defeated Chaos
    • Latin Snake pinned Chaos after a Fear Factor.
  • KOTR Qualification Match: Lordi fought El Guerrero to a no contest
    • Lordi and Guerrero was both counted out outside the ring.

November 2008

  • Lordi defeated Vampiro
    • Lordi pinned Vampiro after a Double underhook facebuster.

December 20008

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