Immortals of Wrestling
Federation Name Immortals of Wrestling (IOW)
Shows IOW Uprising
Time open 2006 to 2009
Owner Alex Leroy
Based in UK
Federation type Pre-Booked Sim

Immortals of Wrestling (IOW) is a Pre-Booked Sim federation created by Society of Sim writers / wrestlers Twist and Y72, for the first few months it was run by its creators however in late October Daz took over Y72's commitments. He would also later take over Twist's commitments running the fed. single handed. To this day Daz runs IOW with fellow IOW writers / wrestlers Kai Sears and Dante as members of the creative team.

History of Uprising


IOW Uprising Logo

IOW debuted in 2006 with its flagship show Uprising. Uprising featured the very best of IOW and highlighted the ongoing feuds in the company's, such as the infamous rivalry between Flux and Team Catwalk and the war between Dante and IOW Managing Director Alex Leroy. Uprising continued to be the flagship show throughout IOW's history, with highlights of the show taking place on the IOW Video Wire.

IOW usually featured between four and five matches and a number of interviews and video packages. It was hosted by the commentary duo of Jamie Stevens and Grant Smith who were known for their comedic jibes at one another, insulting production assistant Paul off-screen and drinking on the job.

Uprising Results


Championship Champion(s) Defeated Location Event
IOW Championship The Buck Dante Nottingham, England Summer Fallout II
IOW Tag Team Championships Flux Team Catwalk Nottingham, England Summer Fallout II
IOW British Rose Championship Mr. Pink Alex Phenomenon Nottingham, England Summer Fallout II

Speciality Matches

  • British Rose Rules Match
This match type is used for all British Rose title matches, although the rules can be modified to suit multi-man matches such as triple threat title defenses. Competitors compete to gain the best 2 out of 3 falls. Closed fist strikes to the head and back of the neck are prohibited. There is a 20 count out on the floor, if a competitor is counted out the opponent will be awarded the fall, if both are counted out both will lose a fall turning the match into a sudden death situation. There is a 30 minute time limit, if the time limit expires and the match is still undecided and additional five minute is added, if neither champion nor challenger can win the match in this time the |||challenger||| will be awarded the British Rose Championship.

PPV Events

IOW had four PPV Events throughout its year.

Name Location Date Main Event
Summer Fallout Coventry, England October 16, 2006 IOW Title: Dante vs. Joe Riot
Theory of Chaos Doncaster, England March 15, 2007 IOW Title, Cage Match: Dante vs. Joe Riot
Path to Immortality Cardiff, Wales July 7, 2007 IOW Title Match: Dante vs. Joe Riot vs. Goliath
King of the Immortals London, England October 1, 2007 Eight Man Tag: Team Dante vs. Team Leroy
Summer Fallout II Nottingham, England May 14, 2009 IOW Title Match: Dante vs. The Buck

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