Immortals of Wrestling (IOW) Championship is the Main Event level title contested for in the UK professional wrestling promotion Immortals of Wrestling. Joe Riot has been the only IOW Wrestler to hold the IOW Championship thus far, he defeated Dante at IOW's Summer Fallout event to win the title when Managing Director Alex Leroy turned on Dante hitting him with a chair. Riot would go onto defend the belt successfully against Dante in IOW's first and only Steel Cage Match.

Current Champion

Joe Riot defeated Dante to win the IOW Championship at IOW's Summer Fallout event when Alex Leroy nailed Dante (whom he had be aligned with up to that point) turning Joe Riot Heel and Dante face. Joe Riot would go onto defend the title against Y72 and Dante in a rematch, this time contested inside a steel cage to retain it. Riot would eventually drop the title to Dante at Path to Immortality in a Triple Threat match, also featuring Goliath. Dante would end his feud with Leroy at King of the Immortals before losing to The Buck at Summer Fallout II

Title History

Wrestler's Individual Reign: Successful defenses: Date: Location: Event: Notes:
Joe Riot 2 October 14, 2006 Coventry, England Summer Fallout Defeated Dante.
Dante 4 July 7th, 2007 Cardiff, Wales Path to Immortality Defeated Joe Riot and Goliath.
The Buck N/A May 14th, 2009 Nottingham, England Summer Fallout II Defeated Dante.

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