IWA World Heavyweight Championship
Current Holder 2 Cool Bart Jones
Date Won Febuary 6, 2008
Promotion Internet Wrestling Alliance
Most Reigns Bart Sherman (2 reigns)
First Champion The Nugget Man
Longest Reign Bart Sherman (39 days)
Shortest Reign Carlos Haviland (11 days)

The IWA World Heavyweight Championship is the top title in the Internet Wrestling Alliance. The current champ is 2 Cool Bart Jones.


The Nugget Man won the title in a 3 way ladder match with Edboy and John Mark. After The Nugget Man won the title he would defend the title most of the time at Russell Championship Wrestling. There E Hardy won title in a last man standing match. Althouh there was going to be a rematch between the two, but Bart Sherman attacked The Nugget Man and got the shot at the title insteed. Sherman won the title and would go on to defend the title at The Internet Wrestling Alliance's first Pay Per View IWA Clash Of The Champions.

Title History

Wrestler: Reigns: Date: Fed: Notes:
IWA World Heavyweight Championship
The Nugget Man 1 March 28, 2007 Doom For You The Nugget defeated John Mark Forrester and Edboy Haviland on DFY WarZone!!! in a ladder match to become the first champion.
E Hardy 1 April 11, 2007 Russell Championship Wrestling Hardy beat The Nugget Man in a last man standing match.
Bart Sherman 1 April 28, 2007 Russell Championship Wrestling Although it was soposed to be Hardy vs. The Nugget Man, Sherman attacked Nugget Man and got the title shot insteed.
Carlos Haviland 1 June 6, 2007 Doom For You Haviland pinned Sherman on DFY WarZone!!!
Bart Sherman 2 June 17, 2007 Russell Championship Wrestling Won at IWA Warfare in a Steel Cage match.
2 Cool Bart Jones 1 Febuary 6, 2008 All Action Pro Wrestling

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