The IWF Tag Team Titles Were Created In January Of 2003, In Imperial Wrestling Franchise, And A 8 Team Tournament Was Announced...Felicia Duarte & Her Cousin P-Rod defeated Ryu Akimoto (AKA Jimmy Dragon) And His Brother Ichiro Akimoto In The Finals Of The Tournament.

Other Information

  • The Title Was Only Defended At A Pay Per View Once..Match Being Between The Dark Dragons & The Alliance Of Violence At the 3/16/2003 Battlezone Pay Per View
  • The Team Of Adam Knite & Trent Helms (Alliance Of Violence) Were Forced To Vacant The Titles On 5/18/2003 When Trent Helms Was Suspended (Kayface)
  • The Team Of Ty Weston & Jeremy Bryant, Never Officially Lost The Titles, Bryant Tag Team Belt was given to Pieper Runoff after A Tag Team Ladder Match, When Both Weston & Runoff came down with one of the Title Belts At The Same Time
  • The Titles Were Only Defended Once In A Gimmick Match, That Being The Tag Team Ladder Match Between, Felicia Duarte & Pieper Runoff And The Defending Champions, Ty Weston & Jeremy Bryant.
  • There Was Only One Title Defense, Where A Substitute Partner Was Needed, When Kevin Putteet Subbed For Trent Helms.

Title History

Won By: Won From: Date Won: Notes:
Felicia Duarte & P-Rod Jimmy Dragon & Ichiro Akimoto 1/19/2002 This Was The Tournament Final
Jimmy Dragon & Ichiro Akimoto Florida Familla 2/10/2003 Dark Dragons defeated The Florida Familla On Sunday Night Fights
Trent Helms & Adam Knite Dark Dragons 3/16/2003 The Alliance Of Violence Defeated The Dark Dragons At The IWF Battlezone PPV
Alex Dunvegan & Pieper Runoff Dark Dragons 5/19/2003 This Was A Match For The Vacanted IWF Tag Team Titles, After The Alliance Of Violence was Stripped Of The Titles, Because Of Trent Helms Suspension
Ty Weston & Jeremy Bryant Alex Dunvegan & Pieper Runoff 6/9/2003 The Horsemen (Weston & Bryant) Defeated Runoff & Dunvegan.
Ty Weston (2) & Pieper Runoff (2) Ty Weston & Jeremy Bryant 6/30/2003 This Was A Tag Team Ladder Match With The Defending Tag Champions, Weston & Bryant v. Felicia Duarte & Pieper Runoff...Both Runoff & Weston came down with a Tag Belt Apiece and were crowned as Co-Champions, Besides Being Opponents
Trent Helms (2)& Ander Carvetti Ty Weston & Pieper Runoff 8/18/2003 Carvetti & Helms, Won The Titles,When Runoff allowed Helms to Pin Him, Then Joining Project Mayhem, Right afterwards.
The Russians (Project Mayhem)Helms & Carvetti 11/3/2003 The Russians Defeated Project Mayhem To Become The Final IWF Tag Team Champions

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