The Imperial Wrestling Franchise Undisputed Champion, was the IWF Version Of The World Heavyweight Title. It has had 8 Overall Title Holders In It's Year And A Half History. It also was the merger of Several Titles, Including the WHF Title, As well as in IWF Closing Days, It was merged with the IWF Television, And IWF Extreme Hardcore Championship. The Last Champion was Ander Carvetti.

Other Information

There have been two Undisputed Champions that have not officially won the title by means of a physical match-up. Both of these title nods have come at the discretion of "Mr. Showtime" Johnny Holliday, who bought Imperia Wrestling Franchise from the Dunvegans and Brandon Harwell. These two retroactive champions are Adam Knite & Trent Helms.

The longest reigning Undisputed Champion is "Mr. Showtime" Johnny Holliday.

Title History

Won By: Won From: Date Won: Notes:
Jimmy Dragon Gerg 7/21/2002 This Was The Tournament Final In The Imperial Games Tournament
P-Rod Jimmy Dragon 9/8/2002 Upsetted Jimmy Dragon, In Only His Second Match.
Devon Storm P-Rod 9/29/2002 Won A Triple Threat Match At Mutually Assured Destruction with P-Rod & Jimmy Dragon
Jimmy Dragon (2) Devon Storm 12/9/2002 Lost The Title To Jimmy Dragon, In A 6 Man Elimination Bout.
Joey T Jimmy Dragon 12/31/2002 Lost The Title To Joey T in A 60 Minute Iron man Match. Joey T then vacated the Title, right afterwards, due to his retirement.
Alex Dunvegan Ander Carvetti 1/15/2003 Alex Dunvegan defeated Ander Carvetti In A Match For The vacated Title
Felicia Duarte Alex Dunvegan 3/16/2003 Duarte defeated Alex Dunvegan In A I Quit Match, At Battlezone 2003
Justin Sellers Felicia Duarte 10/12/2003 Sellers Defeated Felicia Duarte In A Sayne Asylum Match, When It was supposed to Be Pieper Runoff v. Felicia Duarte.
"Mr. Showtime" Johnny Holliday Justin Sellers 11/23/2003 Television Champion, Mr. Showtime defeated Undisputed Champion Justin Sellers & Extreme Hardcore Champion Kevin Putteet To Unify The Three Titles.
Ander Carvetti Ostragoth January, 2008 Carvetti defeated Ostragoth in a tournament finals held by "Mr. Showtime" Johnny Holliday, who bought all rights to the Imperia Wrestling Franchise and vacated his title after a 5-year reign.

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