The IWF World Heavyweight Championship was the main single's championship in the Internet Wrestling Federation and later the Insane Wrestling Federation professional wrestling organization. It was created in 2002 and converted in 2005.


Champion Notes
1. Jaguar won in a Fatal Four way at Champions League
2. The Truck defeated Jaguar just a month later
3. Rob Slater
Vacated Injury
4. Jonnie Cresem
5. Rob Slater
6. Hu$tla
7. Rob Slater
Vacated Retirement
8. Hu$tla
Vacated Promotion Hiatus
9. Mac Daddy Squid Won in triple threat match vs. Jaguar vs. Theo Tyler
10. Theo Tyler Squid Stole the physical Championship after match
Vacated Promotion Hiatus

See Also

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