Born Dave William Bryan (May 3, 1986)in Toronto,Ontario Canada and is currently working for the Extreme Roughness Wrestling League as Ice Blaze he is the 1st high flyer to be with ERWL and has been ERWL Champion once he is the son of ERWL Superstar Destroyer he has been through a big time since he was betrayed by his best friend Germany's No.1 Daniel Masters who formed a tag team in 1998 as The Masters Of Blaze. he has had a hard time since the brutal attack in 1993 by other junior wrestlers. Dave has been in a World Wrestling Tournament To Find Ability For WWECAW Which He Won defeating Thunder going on to be Fusion (ERWL) of ERWL. He debuted in 2008 and was inducted into the ERWL Hall Of Fame by WWE High Flyer Rey Mysterio on July 1, 2008 along with all ERWL Wrestlers.


Put Your Lips To The TV

Kenny Dykstra's Theme WWE

My Last Breath (Evanescence)

Signature Moves:

The Ice of Blaze (Tiger Feint Kick)

Diving Ice (450 Splash)

The Breaking Blazer (Train Wreck)

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