The Independent Wrestling Empire is part of The Battleground, which is a joint promotion with another federation, TNA: The New Era, which is owned by TJ Briggs and Chris Kobaine.

Independent Wrestling Empire
Federation Name Independent Wrestling Empire
Abbreviation IWE
Weekly shows IWE Underground
Time open April 2006-Present
Current champion Stunray
Owner(s) Jack Chaos & Stunray
Federation type Roleplay Based
Pay-per-views Monthly


IWE has made a huge impact in its short debut in the wrestling world. The IWE was founded by both Jack Chaos, and his former tag team partner FATE. However, since then, things have changed. Jack and FATE are now enemies, and FATE has given his 50% ownership of the company to the current IWE Heavyweight Champion, Stunray.


Blah... coming soon.

Current PPV Events

IWE Blasphemy- January

IWE Fatal Fury - February

IWE Animosity - March

IWE ReVenge - April

IWE Revolution - May

  • Temporary name, until a new name can be thought of.

IWE Uncensored - June

IWE King of the Empire - July

  • KotE is a King of the Ring like event

IWE Tap-Out - August

  • Tap-Out is an all submision-match PPV

IWE Livewire - September

IWE Brawl 4 All - October

IWE X-Rated - November

IWE Destiny - December

  • Destiny is a Wrestlemania like event

Special Events

Coming soon...

Current IWE Champions

Coming soon...


Links coming soon...

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