Inez Mitchell
Real name
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Height 5'5
Weight 185 lbs.
Date of birth October 31, 1960
Place of birth Burlington, TX
Date of death
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Resides Braddock, TX
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Debut 2007
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Frederica Inez Merrill Mitchell is an American librarian and professional wrestling personality currently working for the WNWA.


Mitchell is the Library Operations Manager of Braddock County Public Library. She is best known as the person, who while Research Division Manager overstepped her bounds and broke library chain of command protocol by leading an investigation into what employees of BCPL were doing while on the job. Her witch hunt began after much disdained BCPL employee Karma McCarthy accused the most popular employee Aaron Whitaker of insulting her on a social networking Website. Her allegations led Whitaker to tell BCPL to stick their job "up their ass." Whitaker subsequently took a job with better pay (which includes a 401k plan with employer match and no Sundays) and more responsibility at Solie Public Library. Whitaker's callous disregard for Mitchell's witch hunt (she merely wanted to humble and humiliate the popular Whitaker as an example before taking the reins for the retiring Liz Bien) led Mitchell to institute further archaic and stringent rules for the remaining BCPL employees.

Mitchell occasionally wrestles and sometimes interferes in matches for Retro. She is an avowed enemy of fellow BCPL employees Karma McCarthy, Jabbajaw, Katie Peachy and Luke Leftwich.

Personal Life and views

  • Is a graduate of the University of Texas's Library School. She is a huge fan of that school's athletic teams.
  • Once lived in Mexico and came to Texas from North Carolina where she was a director of a meaningless rural library system.
  • Along with Karma and Library IS Director Joanie Saulright, Mitchell is the most despised employee at BCPL. Her charges wish nothing but the worst for her. Ironically, she loathes the annoying Karma as well.
  • Watches every move that BCPL employees make on surveillance cameras and by monitoring their computer usage. Thankfully for her, these monitors do not apply to her, but a recent expose by The Braddock Times revealed that Mitchell looks at copious amounts of questionable material on the Internet, especially disturbing is the amount of time she spends on social networking sites "looking for rule breakers" and insulting posts by former employees.
  • Wears hideous sweaters and dresses like a 1980s Sunday school teacher. Forces men to wear ties but women can wear whatever the want- especially important for large assed women such as herself and Joannie Saulright, both of whom are fond of plus-sized stretchy pants. She also forces her employees to wear Santa hats at Christmas.

Instead of actually working on an assignment, Ms. Mitchell spends countless hours in the library monitoring staff's computer usage. She waits in an aroused state to find someone breaking the rules. The euphoric high of monitoring the computer's has proven inadequate to satisfy her, though. Now she seeks "pleasure" by monitoring bathroom usage of the staff. Despite the obvious gratification she derives from spying on staff, she contends the spying is necessary to make sure no one is waisting time.


Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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