The Insect Man

Insect Man is a half man half bestial creature living out of the Bradford and Leeds area of Yorkshire England. Witnesses claim to have been attacked by a bizarre, creeping and crawling man who looked like a cockroach wearing a hooded mask. The hood hanging behind the mask, which contained jars full of live beatles and various insects. He is said to consume the beatles and bugs he keeps in his hood, ready to regurgitate into victims mouths and onto their naked bodies. According to escaping victim Charles Ridley 'A sound like I've never heard before, a dull, aching scream that made your stomach turn. You couldn't tell where it was coming from until his long, sticky, grasshopper-like legs were all over your shoulders, with him hissing and spitting in your ear.'

The Insect Man has yet to be seen by Police officials, but the various descriptions have lead Police profilers to come up with the following image which is to be broadcasted on the February 11th episode of Watch Dog, UK.


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