Insomnaic is an American professional wrestler currently competing in PrYde Wrestling. Insomniac is currently a member of "Damage Control", which is composed of himself, Brandon O'Neal, Nathaniel Havok. Insomniac is also currently the PrYde Anarchy Champion, after defeating Steven Jones on the February 23nd edition of Vindication.

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Height 6'1"
Weight 198 lbs
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Place of birth Middle of Nowhere
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PrYde Wrestling
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Background Information

Insomniac grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere. As a young boy he grew up watching WWE and TNA, in hopes that maybe someday he would be good enough to compete in a professional wrestling league. After the divorce of his parents when he was 8 years old, Insomniac was forced to survive on the streets. After his early teenage years of gang and drug involvement, Insomniac decided it was time to grow up. He cleaned himself up at the age of 16 and moved to Calgary. While living in Calgary Insomniac came across Stu Hart and the rest of the Hart family. With 4 and a half years of training and wrestling with The Hart family, Insomniac finally made it to the big leagues. At the age of 20 Insomniac became good friends with a wrestler named Hopper Rose. Hopper Rose introduced Insomniac into the HCW where his professional wrestling career began. After only a few short months of wrestling in the HCW, Insomniac made history by being the first person in HCW to ever hold two titles at one time, the Storm title and the Prodigy title.

PrYde Wrestling

The first few months in PrYde have brought Insomniac farther than he expected to go, so soon. on February 23 at Ruthless intentions Insomniac saw the chance to take the PrYde anarchy championship, and run with it. in a brutal blood bath against one of PrYdes most repected superstars, Steven Jones; Insomniac did just that. he became the Anarchy champion.. At the same time insomniac has also been busy working in the tag team division working alongside with Brandon O' neal, and their newley found friend, Nathaniel Havok. PrYde waits in anticipation to see what "Heavens Devil" will do next.

Becoming PrYde Anarchy Champion

Insomniac would defeat Steven Jones on February 23, 2008. He has since defended the title in brutal and bloody matches, but has come out the victor ever time so far.

Championships and accomplishments

    • PrYde Wrestling - Anarchy Championship (1 time)

Finishing and signature moves

  • Acid Drop - (Double front flip off the top turnbuckle)
  • Bow and Arrow submission
  • Twist of Fate
  • Backwars Swanton Bomb

Entrance Music

  • PrYde - "My Favorite Withdrawl" by Deluge

Pro Wrestling record

13-3 (wins-losses)
Result Opponent Event Title Date Title Match Type
TBA Chris Vaine PrYde Vindication June 12, 2008 PrYde Evolution Championship Tournament Singles
Win Noir & BloodSucker PrYde Vindication May 29, 2008 PrYde Anarchy Championship Triple Threat
Win Noir PrYde Vindication May 20, 2008 PrYde Anarchy Championship Singles
Loss Skorp and Claude Baptiste Ranier PrYde Vindication 5/13/2008 PrYde Extreme Tag Team Championships Six Team Ladder Match
Win w/ Brandon O'Neal and Nathaniel Havok Team 5150 PrYde Vindication 3/25/2008 None Six man tag
Win Full Throttle PrYde Vindication 4/15/2008 PrYde Extreme Tag Team Championships Triple Threat Tag Team
Win Brian Well & Nick Euvino PrYde Fatal Fool's Day 4/5/2008 PrYde Anarchy Championship Triple Threat Hardcore
Win Tommy Guns/Brian Well Vindication 3/25/2008 PrYde Anarchy Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match
Loss w/ Brandon O'Neal Cody Scott and Tommy Guns (Full Throttle) Vindication 3/18/2008 None Tag Team
Loss Trey Ortega Vindication 3/11/2008 None Singles
Win Brick Carver/Jobe Severity Vindication 3/4/2008 PrYde Anarchy Championship Triple Threat Hardcore Match
Win Steven Jones Ruthless Intentions 2/23/2008 PrYde Anarchy Championship Singles
Win Lutais Vindication 2/12/2008 None Anarchy Closed Cage Match
Win Lutais/Steven Jones Vindication 2/5/2008 Pryde Anarchy Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match
Win Steven Jones Vindication 1/29/2008 PrYde Anarchy Championship Singles
Win Kyle Kioshi Vindication 1/22/2008 None Singles
Win Anthony McCane Vindication 1/15/2008 7 Man/Women Free For All 7-Way match

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