International Championship Entertainment
Abbreviation ICE
Weekly shows ThrowDown (Sunday)
Previous names

Monday ThrowDown

Time open November 2004-
Owner(s) Christian Connolly
Based in North America, WorldWide Reach
Federation type Roleplay Based
Pay-per-views 1 PPV a Month
Website Click here

International Championship Entertainment (ICE for short) is an e-federation formed by Christian Connolly in November 2004.

The Story of International Championship Entertainment

September 2004... Christian Connolly worked for the All-Star Wrestling Alliance, a fed owned and operated by one of his good friends in the business, Michael "The Dragon" Webster. During this time, Connolly worked backstage as an agent and was well respected by most of the roster. So when an immediate personal problem hit Webster, he turned to his good friend to run the federation. Being that this was Connolly's first attempt at running a company, he was overwhelmed, but he did get the hang of it very quickly. But a lot of the roster saw this as a sinking ship, and they jumped off quickly. So on September 22, 2004... the AWA closed up operations.

But Connolly had a vision. He wanted to start his own promotion. No more working for other people. He wanted to be different, he wanted the focus to be on wrestling. But with our his own identity. Something fresh, something exciting. Only the best of the best.

So he went to work, and called up many of the former AWA superstars. He went around and recruited some of the best young talent and some of the big name free agents on the market at the time. He bought office space in Norfolk, Virginia, which would become ICE headquarters. And after going through all the necessary channels, hirings, and such.. and on December 7, 2004, ICE held it's first show in Norfolk, Virginia. Boasting a roster with such names as Masaharu Tanabashi, Kenji Yamada, Dumbface, Ryan Coleman & Ethan Cross.. they tore dore the house and put ICE officially on the map.

The Early Days

ICE Championships

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