International Fire Pro Wrestling
Federation Name International Fire Pro Wrestling
Abbreviation IFPA
Shows IFPA Ambition (Weekly Show)
Established 2005(Kayfabe)
Owner J. Lewis Harvey
Based in Internationally. Headquarters in Ashburn, Virginia
Federation type Game/Hybrid
Pay-Per-Views One Per Month
Website IFPA Forum

International Fire Pro Association (IFPA) is home to a roster of amazing superstars, incredible matches, and entertainment beyond belief. It is a simulation/roleplay based federation using the videogame Fire Pro Wrestling Returns for the PlayStation 2. However, IFPA members are not required to own the game as the organization has a number of ways to get interested individuals involved in the fun, that is IFPA.
The Best in Wrestling—Period.

IFPA runs one weekly show with the match card being posted on Monday and the results being posted on Saturday. Roleplayers are asked to submit at least one promo/roleplay a week. A Pay Per View event replaces the last weekly show of the month and runs in the same method as the weekly match card.

Early History

IFPA was created in January 2005 by former Live Wrestling Association executive, J. Lewis Harvey (JLH). IFPA was founded on many of the same principles of LWA but J. Lewis Harvey was more interested in putting this new federation on the "World's Stage". Not relying on known talent, JLH decided to personally search the independent circuit for some of its brightest superstars, provide them with lucrative contracts and take them to exclusive locations for untelevised shows. By the Fall of 2005, IFPA and JLH himself was on the brink of bankruptcy. It was not until JLH decided to transfer an executive from another of his business ventures, Brian Stout, to IFPA did the company start to gain profit and popularity.

He placed Stout in charge of running IFPA's daily operations, marketing, payroll, event planning, etc. While Stout knows very little about wrestling, he knows a great deal about business, and his first move as IFPA Commissioner was to destroy the original IFPA World Championship and award it to a wrestling veteran that the fans loved to hate, Donovan Graham. This resulted in even more of a boom in business for IFPA as people would pay anything to see Donovan Graham get beat up. This lead to a television deal for IFPA with a weekly show named after one of the founding principles of the federation. AMBITION.

Current Active Roster

Kevin Sanders
Perfectshawn Stephens
Kevin Valentine
"The Phantom" Menace
Prototype Zen
Natural Disaster
"Pretty Boy" J.J. Adams
Bison Cage "No Gimmicks Needed"
Bret Lei
Custom Made
James Spade
Juan Carlos Hector El Sinco
Prei Vorhees
Eric Eastwood
Sergei Rasputin
Mega Pain
Total Kaos

Inactive Roster

Boris Rasmussen
Senor Dynamo
Bashing Billy Miller
Prototype Matt Morris

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