International Grappling Association
Federation Name International Grappling Asc (IGA)
Shows Combat Zone
Time open 1997 to 2009
Owner Jazz Madison controls majority of shares.
Based in USA (Travels Worldwide)
Federation type Roleplay
Website Main Website


Coming Soon


  • Combat Zone

Broadcasted Weekly

  • PPV

Held every 1-2 months.

Regular PPV events are:

- Grapple-Fest (March/April)

- Night of Honour (A 2 night PPV Held at the end of October)

- Tournament of Warriors (End of the Year tournament where the winner receives a World Title Shot)

- International Incident(featuring the 2 minute drill. A Rumble where participants enter in 2 minute intervals. Winner gets guaranteed World Title Shot at Grapple-Fest]

-Chance Encounter (Partners randomly paired, must win a match and then enter a battle royal where the winner normally receives a title shot)

--Note-- Due to the acquisition of AsH, IGA now has the rights to PPV naming rights.

IGA Roster

Current Roster

  • Vile "Vince" Viper
  • Essex
  • Bryant McCoy
  • Derek Weaver
  • Jayden Prince
  • Nathan Taylor
  • Terminus
  • Andrew Raynes
  • Lazz Sterling
  • Herb Van Buren
  • Gabrial Van Zahn
  • Beelzabozo the Clown from Hell
  • Tobias Burden
  • Adrian Tanner
  • Johnny Pain
  • Lara Leigh Love
  • Holly Hotbody
  • Apathy
  • Jean Pierre Celine
  • Wild Bill Ian

Tag Team's

  • The Model and the Monster (Big Smoothy and Marcus Davis)
  • TEAM EVIL (John V. Ferrigno and Mascara Negra)
  • NextWave (Adrian Tanner and Cecil Kennedy)
  • The VVV Army (Astoroth, Chazz Sterling, The Living THEATRE, & Jean Pierre Celine)

IGA Alumni

  • Sabbath *Warren Epic *Scottie Page
  • Tommy Danger *Anthony Alred *Spike Nelson
  • Tawny Blake *Buddy Drifter *Damian Payne
  • Tori Vale *Steve Liermann *Dehibilitator
  • Devante' Anderson *Chad Allen *Puppet Tommy Danger
  • Maxime St. Jean *Scott Styles *Chris Hopper
  • Syberius *Mark Pure *AsH
  • Werewolf Gregorson *Tommy Rowlands *Kirk Maclean
  • Hayden Grayson *Speedy Irons *The Enigma
  • B.M. Tunzafun


Championship Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Location Event
IGA World Heavyweight Championship Mark Pure Tommy Danger October 31, 2007 United States Requiem for Pain
IGA International Television Championship Tobias Burden GVZ February 18, 2008 Germany International Incident
IGA Phoenix Championship 'The Heretic' Derek Weaver 'Lionheart' Aaron Rupp October 31, 2007 United States Requiem For Pain
IGA Women's World Championship Holly Hotbody Apathy 2007 United States Combat Zone
IGA World Tag-Team Championship Marcus Christian and Big Smoothy The Agency's Next Top Idols February Germany International Incident

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