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International Syndicate Wrestling
Federation Name International Syndicate Wrestling
Abbreviation ISW
Weekly shows Wednesday Night Aggression
Opening Theme "Hero" by Pop Evil
Major PPV Bulletproof (September)
Time open June 2008- Present
Owner(s) Alex Thomas, Allyson Thorn
Commentators Michael Lewis, Kevin Gordon
Federation type Hybrid
Pay-per-views Monthly

International Syndicate Wrestling is a wrestling federation which opened in June 2008, created and ran by Alex Thomas and childhood friend, Allyson Thorn. There is currently one weekly show, Wednesday Night Aggression.


International Syndicate Wrestling began recruiting members in June of 2008. It's first show will be held on June 18, 2008, featuring the start of a 8-man tournament to name an ISW World Heavyweight Champion.

Titles, Achievements, & PPVs

Annual ISW AwardsTriple Crown WinnersGrand Slam Winners
Title Wrestler Date Won Previous Wrestler
ISW World Heavyweight Championship VACANT 06/29/08 N/A
ISW International Championship VACANT 06/29/08 N/A
ISW Cruiser-X Championship VACANT 06/29/08 N/A
ISW World Tag Team Championship VACANT & VACANT 06/29/08 N/A
ISW Womens World Championship VACANT 06/29/08 N/A
Achievement Wrestler Date Won Previous Wrestler
WrekCage Winner N/AN/AN/A
Pay Per Views
Month PPV
January ISW: Superbrawl
Februay ISW: Untitled
March ISW: Untitled
April ISW: Pressure
May ISW: Untitled
June ISW: Double Up (June 29, 2008)
July ISW: Untitled
August ISW: The World Is Yours
September ISW Bulletproof
October ISW: Untitled
November ISW: WreKCage
December IWS: Untitled

ISW Monthly Events


  • Alex Thomas - Chairman
  • Allyson Thorn - General Manager/CEO
  • Andrew Krautkramer
  • Krimzon Blaze
  • K.C. Kash
  • Johnny Nitro
  • Melina Perez
  • J.D. Stylez

ISW Broadcasters

Commentators: Michael Lewis- Born August 12, 1965, Lewis is a former wrestling manager, turned to commentary after breaking his neck during a botched spot in the '90's.

Kevin Gordon- Born January 6, 1980, Gordon is a member of the Psi Beta Alpha fratenity at Harvard. He graduated Valedictorian, with a degree in business management. He was also an All-American in wrestling. He works as the content manager on the promotion's website.

Ring Announcer: Jessica Frankford- Born April 13, 1985, Frankford is a former teen model. Miss Teen Hawaiian Tropic 2004, she used her fame to get into television, eventually landing a gig her in the ISW.

Tag Teams




Notable Inactive Roster


Inactive Notable Tag Teams


Inactive Notable Stables


On/Off-Air Personalities

  • Alex Thomas ISW Chairman
  • Allyson Thorn ISW CEO/Aggression General Manager
  • Peter Tribuini ISW Creative Writing
  • Jessica Frankford Ring Announcer
  • Kevin Gordon Commentator
  • Michael Lewis Color Commentator
  • Lana Roxx Backstage Interviewer
  • Mike Robinson Part-Time Interviewer
  • Christian VanCarter Music Director
  • Frank Morrison Head Trainer
  • William J. Anderson Physician
  • Stacey Hillenbrand Public Relations
  • Bobby Gregory Senior Referee
  • Nick Gregory Referee
  • Zach Valdespino Referee
  • Chris Reeds Referee


  • ISW 2008 Results (Coming Soon)

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