This file has been released into the Defunct Company by the company administration, the company owner, or the eWrestling administration, due to the company downfall, to inactivity of the federation, or other circumstances beyond their expectations.

Internet Wrestling Federation

The Internet Wrestling Federation was a E-Wrestling Federation started in April of 2000 by Joe Fino. The new concept was to have DAILY cards that will support a large roster. Monday will have 5 to 8 matches while every other day will have 3 to 5 matches. Saturday shows will be replaced by 8 to 12 match PPVs once a month.

Daily Cards

Monday Night Destruction, Tuesday Night Tornado, Wild Wednesday, Thursday Thunder, Friday Night Fire, Super Saturday Night and Sunday Night Heat was the lineup.

After a month of daily cards became a problem, in June of 2000, the daily cards was changed to 3 cards a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday shows were kept.


May 2000: Lord of the Ring 2000 June 2000: WrestleSeries July 2000: Title Wave 2000 August 2000: The Living Daylights 2000 September 2000: Fall Brawl 2000 October 2000: Halloween Mayhem 2000 November 2000: World War III 2000 December 2000: Slam-fest 2000 January 2001: Winter Blast 2001 May 2001: Lord of the Ring 2001 June 2001: WrestleSeries II July 2001: Title Wave 2001 September 2001: WrestleSeries III

Other PPVs (Bloodfest 2002) occurred later and several recreations of the promotion were short lived.


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