The Internet Wrestling Alliance is an interfed, made up of multiple, smaller federations.


The begining

Joshua Hadley founded the Internet Wrestling Alliance on March 12th 2007. His fed, Doom For You, was the first federation to join. The next one, Russell Championship Wrestling would join the Alliance, swelling their numbers. The Nugget Man became the first IWA World Heavyweight Champion. More feds would join. Russell Championship Wrestling would become the biggest fed in the IWA. The IWA would have it's first Pay Per View IWA Super Clash 1 on May 13, 2007.

After the death of most of the IWA in late 2007, All Action Pro Wrestling became the biggest IWA fed.

IWA Pro Wrestling

After years of inactivity "The Nugget Man" Josh Hadley decided it was about time to begin a new IWA promotion, IWA Pro Wrestling, based in Atlanta, Georgia. The promotion shall have all the World titles defended in it.

IWA Championships

IWA World Titles

These titles have been given control to IWA-NAW. These titles are the top titles in the IWA.


These are titles that can only be defended at there fed or not every fed unlike the World Heavyweight title.


Current Federations

Federation Join date
IWA Pro Wrestling 2009

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