Isabella Kandy
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Ring Names Isabella Kandy
Eye Candy
Kandy Cane
Height 5'5"
Weight 127 lbs
Date of birth May 3rd, 1976 ((Age 31))
Place of birth Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Resides Los Angeles, California
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Trainer Delia Wilkins
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Debut 1995
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Early life

Born Isabella Franco in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on May 3, 1976, as the first of four children to be born to the newly wed Franco Family. Susan and Christopher Franco both held high hopes for their daughter, and never imagined that she would one day fall in love with professional wrestling. As a child, Isabella was always into fashion thanks to her mother, and was classically trained in educate, dance, and Piano at the age of eight.

Though very ladylike before her teen years, Isabella often got involved in her little brothers' hockey games, and was often picked on by others for being a girl. Isabella kept trying, and soon played as well as her younger brothers could—thus quickly developing a rather tomboyish side to her. All while growing up, Isabella played a variant of sports, including Volleyball, Basketball, and Hockey with her brothers. Franco was also a star player of her Girls High School Basketball Team, and helped her team to many victories.

Though she appeared to be a tomboy, Isabella had an uncanny way to "switch gears" as she puts it, going from tom boy to very feminine, which helped her balance a sports and modeling career in her high school years.

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