JGH, Born Jonathan Graham Horner on the 18th of July 1980 is a current Superstar that is signed to Extreme Wrestling Alliance, where he is the current EWA United World Heavyweight Champion.

EWA Career

JGH made his debut on the 22nd of May 2007 Edition of Tenacious Conflict which was a Triple Threat Match against Painkiller and The RWS. He won the match by stealing the victory when RWS had the match won. JGH then went on to face Virus for the right to be number one contender for The EWA Smash Division Championship. JGH won the match but Virus attacked JGH after the match and demanded a re-match for JGH's number one contendership to the Smash Title. The rematch was set-up and JGH defeated Virus again to earn the right to face Jamez Hardy, the champion at that time at EWA Summer Meltdown in a Submission Match. JGH suffered his first loss at the PPV, when Hardy made JGH tap out to The STFU. JGH complained after the match that the match type wasn't suited to either competitor so a re-match was setup by T-Bone on the 9th of June's edition of Collective Mayhem in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match which JGH won, getting him his first EWA Smash Division Championship run. The reign didn't last long as JGH lost the title to Jamez Hardy three days later on Tenacious Conflict in Hardy's rematch.

TBC Later

Title History and Accomplishments

  • 1X EWA United World Heavyweight Champion - Current
  • 2X EWA Smash Division Champion
  • 1X EWA Inter-Transversal Champion
  • 1X EWA United States Champion
  • 1X EWA Tag Team Champion
  • 1X USW2 Prime Title Champion
  • 1X USW2 Duo Title Champion
  • 2X EHW Developmental Wrestling Champion
  • 2X EHW Developmental Wrestling Tag Team Champion
  • Only HWE X Division Champion - Belt Retired with JGH
  • Longest reigning champion in EWA history
  • Longest reigning singles champion in EWA history
  • EWA Grand Slam Champion

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