JJ Massacre, is an American professional wrestler currently wrestling for the Lock Wrestling Federation.


JJ Massacre has been in several federations during his career.

Empire Wrestling Federation

Massacre won several championships while part of EWF, and was part of the invasion force that attacked LWF in the summer of 2002, and with partner Assassin won the LWF Tag Team Championship.

Elite Wrestling Organization

Massacre held every title in the EWO except the world title.

Lock Wrestling Federation

Massacre eventually joined LWF as a full member and held the LWF Technical Championship for a time, and was at one point a member of the Regime.

After LWF reopened in late 2007, JJ Massacre returned an made an immediate impact in the Cross-Hemisphere division. After a strong outing in the Massive Melee, he went on to compete for the vacant LWF Havok Championship in an eight man Carnage Match at Maximum Carnage.

In Wrestling


  • Bloody Sunday - Sweet Chin Music

General Moves

  • Snap Suplex
  • DDT
  • Tigerbomb
  • Russian Leg Sweep
  • Falling Neckbreaker
  • Facebuster
  • Single Leg Boston Crab

Theme Music

  • "Becoming the Bull" by Atreyu (Current)


  • Prepare for a massacre!

Championships and Accomplishments

Empire Wrestling Federation

  • 1-Time EWF Crown Champion

Elite Wrestling Organization

  • 1-Time EWO Star Champion
  • 1-Time EWO People's Champion
  • 3-Time EWO Tag Team Champion
  • 1-Time EWO Hardcore Champion

Lock Wrestling Federation

  • 1-Time LWF Tag Team Champion
  • 1-Time LWF Technical Champion

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