JRE Enterprises is the marketing arm of the WNWA. The company, owned by J.R. Ewing, sells and produces merchandise for the WNWA. The company is based in Braddock, TX and was founded in 2006.


Sizes available: S-5XL unless otherwise stated. Price: $15.

Available in the following designs:

  • Eustus Fraley: Southren by Birth…White Trash by the Grace of God (features the famous Eustus on the front porch toilet photo on the front of shirt). Confederate Flag on front, trailer, "rape van," and Trans Am on back.
  • The Supremacists: On the front: What Do We Want? On the Back: Supremacist Power. Back also features a hangman’s noose and Confederate Flag.
  • Triple K: Front: I’ve Got Two Words For Ya. Back: #uck It!!! (not censored on the shirt) With Confederate Flag
  • Dale Taylor: Front: White Peoples’ Champion. Back: Can You Smell What My Crack is Cookin’?
  • Captain Redneck: Front: W.W.C.R.D. Back: Kick Your Ass. With angry picture of C.R.
  • Captain Redneck: The Rebel Roads Redneck. Back: I Hate ______ (fill in the blank).
  • Pike: Blood and Chaos
  • Baron Samedi: Samedi’s face with HAHAAHAHAAH printed under it.
  • Amos Beiler: Gimme a Slice of That Shoo Fly Swanton Pie.
  • Amish Alliance: All Natural 100% Amish-Accept No Menno-Lite Substitutes.
  • Mennonite Mafia: Front: The Mennonite Mafia. Back: Exploiting The Amish For Four Centuries.
  • Sam Bash: I Rassle For The Governement Check.
  • Ass Butte: The Living Legend. Butte’s world famous portrait on front.
  • fATAS: 1,069 lbs. of Blue Eyed Soul. (Available up to size 15XL or in a king sized bed sheet). Back features the controversial “nude” fATAS portrait.


  • fATAS: Larger Than Life 3 disc DVD
  • History of the WNWA Tag Team Division 3 disc DVD
  • House Shows in the Heartland: The fall 2007 Mid-West tour including the complete Earlham College show.
  • Mid-Atlantic Meltdown (contains every episode of WNWA Mid-Atlantic and footage from 2006-2007 house shows in the Mid-Atlantic area).
  • Southland Struggle (contains every episode of WNWA Southland and footage from 2006-2007 house shows in the Southland area).
  • The 1997 WNWA PPV Box (contains all 4 PPVs)
  • WNWA Night of Champions DVD (2000)
  • WNWA MayDay PPV (2000)
  • WNWA Barbecue and Barbed Wire PPV (2000)
  • The Best of WNWA TV- 3 disc DVD
  • The History of the WNWA- 15 disc DVD
  • WNWA: 2001-2005 The Dark Years (Interviews, raw footage, dark matches, and house shows from the non-TV years)- 20 disc box set.

Merchandise no longer available

  • Agbor Security: Armed and Dangerous. On back: Regkind/Dude Reg/Cactus Reg, The Pizza Man, Bullet Bob and “Richard Nixon.”
  • Tony Fanuci: "Where the #^@% You From!?!?" On the back, the wheel barrel photo.
  • Muslim Militants: Convert or Die (features an Islamic Crescent on the back with crossed swords).
  • bsWo: bsWo symbol shirt.

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