Jack "The Cyclone" Douglas (born December 28, 1980) is an American Professional Wrestler currently signed to the WCSF.


Real Name: Jack Douglas

Height/Weight: 201 lbs, 6'1".

Hometown: New York, New York

Style of Wrestling: High Flyer

Entrance Theme: "Cyclone Rider" by Marc Pattison


Douglas joined the WCSF winning his first match versus Jerry Platinum. He stayed on High Voltage until he paired up with friend Chris Ozone, who had just recently entered the federation. They formed a team, Thunderstorm and immadately set their sights on winning a tag team belt. Douglas and Ozone early attempts are in vain, as they fail to win any important matches. The two young stars are unhappy with their lack of success, and recruit the monster Typhoon and vow to use any means nessicary to win the belts they have chased after. In their first match with Typhoon, all three members of Thunderstorm cheat, turning on the fans in the process. After their win, Thunderstorm goes on to beat their opponents, further isolating them from the fans. Adding Typhoon to the roster doesn't seem to solve their problems, and their losing streak continues. Frustrated, Douglas and Ozone drop Typhoon from their roster, vowing to return to 'clean' wrestling. The two then take a brief break, and comes back with a win over TWF. When the then-Unleashed Tag Team Champions Anthony Blake and Mebheih issue an open challenge, Thunderstorm jumps at the chance. Thunderstorm wins with a stunning victory, which saw Blake turn on Mebheih and ultimately cost them the match. Thunderstorm takes the Unleashed Titles to Mayhem only to be challenged by the Mayhem tag team Champions, Carnage Crew. The two team exchange wins, until a draw is called at WCSF Total Carnage, leaving both teams with their belts. Soon after, Carnage Crew abruptly retires, leaving Thunderstorm as the only tag team champions in the WCSF. The two continue to carry the Unleashed titles, until they win the WCSF Tag Team Championship in a match with the Union Jacks, finally retiring the Unleashed and the Mayhem tag team titles. The two go on to lose the tag team titles to the Mafia. In the following weeks, Ozone turns on Douglas, with the two former partners now fighting for their contracts in the WCSF. Douglas wins an "I quit" match, sending Ozone out of the WCSF. Douglas then attempts a singles career, but has little success. Douglas is then severely injured and is sidelined for months. Douglas abruptly returns, saving Nathan Hero from a beat down at the hands of Team Catwalk. With a new partner, Douglas begins his quest to recapture the WCSF Tag Team Championship.

Titles and Acomplishments


WCSF Unleashed Tag Team Champion w/ Chris Ozone (1 time)

WCSF Undisputed Tag Team Champion w/ Chris Ozone (1 time)

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