Jack Clinton is a wrestler currently employed in UHW on its Assault show. Previously, Clinton was employed by World Wrestling All-Stars, GWX, and the second WWA, which changed the A from "All-Stars" to "Association." He currently resides in Oakland, California.

Clinton made his debut in WWA in 2004, portraying himself as the personification of all evil, using fire and blood as his weapons. It was around that time that his catch phrase, "Fear me," was developed. Clinton started out as a heel, eventually gained some fans, then turned heel again after aligning himself with WWA owner Steven Adams and his stable. This ended when Clinton was buried alive at a WWA pay-per-view in summer 2004. The company folded shortly after Clinton's return as a face, and Clinton moved to GWX. He formed a stable with Jonny Nash and Chris Angel called the Gods of War, and ended up reforming WWA in 2005 as a result, which became their sole company after GWX folded unexpectedly.

Clinton remained with the GoW until the midway point of 2005, when Nash disbanded the group after taking sole control of WWA in a screwjob finish. Clinton then went on an unremarkable string of matches, eventually culminating with a match for control of WWA, where Jack was betrayed by Chris P.. He was never seen in a WWA ring again.

Clinton moved to UHW after his company folded in 2006, and although his tenure got off to a rocky start there, he's got on his feet and left the evil persona behind.

Titles Won

  • WWA Hardcore Championship (1)


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