Jack Irons
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Jack Irons]]
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Ring Names "Hammer" Jack Irons
Height 5'11"
Weight 240 LBS
Date of birth 1/11/66
Place of birth Pittsburgh, PA
Date of death 10/25/07
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Resides Pittsburgh evidence locker
Billed from Anytown, USA
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Debut 6/22/07
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Basic Information


Medium build, mid-length hair

Ring Attire


Walks to the ring wearing the a helmet made from a human skull and wielding a chainsaw


green cargo shorts, brown boots

Tradmark moves

Fistful of Dollars - a huge left to the gut

For a few Dollars More - A right handed uppercut always following Fistful of Dollars

Ace High - Running DDT

Django - Powerbomb

Signature Moves

The Great Silence

(Orange Crush into Piledriver)


Jack Irons was a serial killer. He claimed 32 victims before he blew himself up in a standoof with police, the house he blew himself up in belonged to pro wrestler Mark Mason. The body of Jack Irons was unidentifiable and cremated, the ashes reside in an evidence locker.

A notebook found near the scene had various things about a wrestling project called Efed wrestling written in them. In it Jack talks about how he saved the world from an interdeminsional being called The Unknown. This journal was found by Jacob Carter and studied intensively.

Championship Belts

1x EW Champion

Notable feuds

The Unknown

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