John "Jack" Norton (November 8, 1985) is best known for his work in Xtreme Wrestling Federation on the Impact brand under the name of Jack Nation.

Early Career

John Norton began competing around the Independent Circuit using his real name at the tender age of eighteen years old. He held various titles, but never was seen as a star. During a stint in Pennsylvania State Wrestling the owner of the federation suggesting due to his 6'6" stature to rename his character Jack Nation which he did. In October 2007 John Norton was noticed at a show in Cincinnati, Ohio by Iron Bull. He got John's phone number and a few weeks later a phone call was made to Jack Nation asking if he would like to join XWF's Impact brand. John immediately took the opportunity.

2007—Xtreme Wrestling Federation

Joining John Norton in the XWF was going to be his real-life girlfriend Misty Smith going under the name of Misty Eyes. In a drastic change in his character Jack went from being a huge babyface into a silent, deadly shoot style fighter leaving Misty Eyes to speak to the audience. Jack Nation began his XWF career on the December 5th edition of Impact laying out Josh Carter in the back. The next months were filled with victories for Jack Nation included winning the coveted Phoenix champion. His undefeated streak looked hot until the January 19th show when he was defeated by Taint Richards in a non title tag team match.

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