Jackson Payne
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Jackson Payne]]
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Ring Names Jackson Payne
The Death Dealer
Height 6'6"
Weight 275
Date of birth 06/06/1976
Place of birth Hell's Kitchen, NY
Date of death N/A
Place of death N/A
Resides Hell's Kitchen, NY
Billed from Hell's Kitchen, NY
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Debut September 03


Little is known about this superstar. He grew up in NY, and learned the basics there, later training with the likes of Tommy Dreamer, Curt Hennig and Arn Anderson. Slow and methodical in the ring, The "NcW Original", explodes from no where with the Reaper's Scythe to leave his opponents flat on their back for the 1..2..3. Now, he is out of the Rebellion, and finds it his duty to protect any and all from his former friends. All in the name of NcW. Now, in AWL-NcW he has come to prove to all that he IS the man. Only now, he doesn't do it alone, but with the back up of K.O.D.

Now....cut free from K.o.D., what will this lone wolf do? Will he rise to the top, or fall to the depths?

Seeming to draw power from the chants of NcW, the Death Dealer has now made it his work to show K.o.D. and the AWL the error of their ways.

Back again the AWL...Jackson Payne is here to form a new era...the Army of Hades shall rise with him, and bring forth death and destruction.

Signature Matches

Casket Match
Graveyard match
Buried Alive Match


National Championship Wrestling (NcW) Defunct
Allied Wrestling League (AWL-NcW)[1]


"It's time to pay the Reaper." Jackson Payne

Finishing Moves

1. Reaper's Scythe: Clothesline from Hell
2. Darkside Drop: Tiger Bomb.

Favorite Moves

Back Body Drop
Back Breaker
Belly to Back Suplex
Belly to Belly Suplex
German Suplex
Pumphandle Slam

Titles Held

NcW Television Title
AWL Television Title (4)
NcW North American Title (2)
AWL North American Tag Titles (w/Coun)
AWL North American Title
AWL North American Tag Titles w/Death Angel *Army of Hades* (3)
AWL World Tag Titles w/ Death Angel *Army of Hades* (1)

Tag Teams & Stables

The Rebellion
Army of Hades
Knights of Destruction
NcW Faction

Notable Feuds


coming soon

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