Jade Striker
Jade copy
Name Jade Striker
Birth Name
Debut September 2006
Date of birth 27th June, 2000
Hometown Perth, Australia
Resides Perth, Australia
Place of death and date

Jade Striker, born in Perth, Western Australia in 2000, is the daughter and manager of professional wrestler Skyler Striker. The most notable thing about Jade is her IQ, which Mensa have recognised as that of 'genius' status. Jade is the youngest manager in wrestling today.



Jade was born to Skyler Striker and Shaneyah Phoenix in 1999. Index 5, Skyler's stable, had just disbanded after Scott Southland's death, and Skyler came back to see Shaneyah one last time, which resulted in Jade's birth. Shaneyah gave birth to Jade and left her in Skyler's care when he went to Japan. It was in Japan she was recognised as a genius - at five years old she was speaking fluent English and Japanese.

Fatebringer to Fury Crusader

Jade, normally loyal to her father, was the main cause of Skyler's transformation. Jade was 'kidnapped' and taken by Skyler's opponent for XIII, Jack of Blades. Jack took Jade under his wing and Skyler, in a fit of anger, used his rage to become the Fury Crusader. For the next month and a half, all Skyler did was push forward to getting his daughter back. Finally, at Revenge, Jade turned on Blades and in a match that had both her custody and the WCF Hardcore Championship on the line, Jade hit Jack in the head with a barbed wire baseball bat and Skyler pinned Jack, winning back his daughter.

The Third Era

Jade loyally stood by her father in the Third Era, encouraging him and being beside him during his difficult personality struggles. Jade's encounter with Shaneyah Phoenix, her mother, before One, left her even more convinced of her father's need for strength and help, and she also started participating more physically during this time. Jade was in the crowd for One and Skyler's defense against Danny Vice, also having made friends with Thunder before this and staying at his house while Skyler went elsewhere. Jade was able to attack Seth during Till Death Do Us Part and also watched him win the World Championship at Payback.

The Index Three Era

Skyler's saving and adoption of Katie (now Katie Striker) inspired a seed of jealousy in Jade, and she left to join the Vice household for a time. Jade took protection of the Vice family, and Jimmy Vice took a particular care for her. Jade was kidnapped by Bobby Cairo, Skyler's Explosion opponent, on an episode of Slam not long after, and even though the WCF Series was over and Skyler defeated Cairo, Jade was not returned. The week after, Mike Ragnal defeated Cairo and Jade was returned as a stipulation, reunited with her father.

Full Metal Wrestling

Jade has, as usual, been involved with Skyler in his venture into Full Metal Wrestling. A growing relationship between Skyler and Jade has been seen lately in the last few weeks.

On a smaller sidenote, Jade has also been helping Skyler's brother Christian in his Global Wrestling Coalition career as of late.

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