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Ring Names Jaguar
Height 6'2"
Weight 220 lbs.
Date of birth 5/30/1980
Place of birth Leechburg, Pennslyvania (U.S.A.)
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Resides Leechburg, Pennslyvania (U.S.A.)
Billed from Leechburg, Pennslyvania (U.S.A.)
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Debut 2003
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Basic Information


Medium bushy brown hair, brown/green eyes (hazel), goatee, 5 Oclock shadow

Ring Attire

IWF t-shirt with sleeves cut off, black tights with silver blue Jaguar wrote on the ass and hardcore on one side and IWF on the other. Black knee pads and kickpads. Walks out to the ring with a beat-up old leather jacket on.


Comes out to the ring clapping hands and looking excited to be back.


Slaps the top rope and throws his right arm in the air.

Basic Moves

Snap suplex, eye rake, standing crossface, headlock, takedowns, submssions, all variations of the suplex (belly to belly, belly to back, overhead, German, northern lights etc. etc.)

Tradmark moves

Evenflow DDT, The Pearl Jam (top rope splash), Creeping Death (reverse brainbuster)

Signature Move

Take Over Break Over (Gory Special into Neckbreaker aka Matt Sydal's Aftershock)

The Facelift (Diamond Cutter)


Started out in the IWF (Internet Wrestling Federation) and after a few years won a good deal of titles, all but the World title. When the IWF closed he floated around the scene and it wasn't until the IWF reopened as Insane Wrestling Federation that he won World heavyweight gold.


1x Insane Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Championship

1x Internet Wrestling Federation Internet Championship

1x Internet Wrestling Federation Television Championship

3x Internet Wrestling Federation 24/7 Championship

1x Internet Wrestling Federation Tag-Team Championship

Hall of Fame

Jaguar was inducted into the Insane Wrestling Federation's Hall of Fame


Formerly members of

Freaks of Nature


Organized Chaos

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