Jamal Andre Davis Junior (born October 9, 1988)is a professional wrestler born in Cooney Island, New York, working under the ring name Jamal Davis. He is currently employed by Xtreme Wrestling Organisation (xWo).


Jamal Davis was named after his father, Jamal is the brother of Tayshaun Brandon Davis who is also a professional wrestler, Jamal also has a sister, and a deceased Brother, Clinton James Davis who was killed in a drive-by during Jamals Youth. Jamal Was recently Called up to xWo to take the place of Ken Anderson (Ken Kennedy) Who quit the company after being left off MeltDown! For several weeks.

Wrestling career

Jamal Davis was signed by xWo to compete on the companys MeltDown Brand, Jamal has not had a match yet, to being recently signed.

On the January 12th, 2007 edition, Jamal Davis debuted against Brad LaBella and Luke Extreme, Although Jamal didn't get the win, Jamal wasn't pinned either.

Rumors had been swriling through xWo that Jamal Davis and The returning Bullet Proof alongside the returning Omar 'Genocide' Perkins were forming a stable. The m-X-g was created, And a rumor states E3 the defending tag team champions om MeltDown! are first on the list.

On the January 19th, 2007 edition m-X-g debuted Assulating Paul London at the beginning of the night, Later on Jamal Davis competeted in a triple threat match, which was won by AJ Punk. Then later in the night Randy Fields was attacked by Mitch Wittman, Bullet Proof, and Jamal Davis. Fields will face Omar "GenoCide" Perkins a teammate of Jamal's in m-X-g at the MeltDown! supershow.


|-| Finisher Moves |-|

-Star Crusher (RKO)

-Gangsters Way (Double Foot Stomp)

|-| Favourite Moves |-|

- Evenflow DDT

- Shining Wizard

- Piledriver

- Running Lariat

- Stiff Kicks

- Moon Sault

- Top Rope Plancha

- Overdrive

- Stalling Suplex

- Hurricanrana

- Spiral Tap

- Shooting Star Press


- Sharpshooter

- Anklelock


"The Future"

"Sports Entertainments Prodigy"

“Certified Greatness”



Theme Music

Money In The Bank - Lil Scrappy ft Young Bunk (Disused)

Hand's Up - Lloyd Banks ft 50 Cent

Da Shit - The Game (m-X-g theme)

Championship Success

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