James Cruz
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of James Cruz]]
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Height 6'3
Weight 238 lbs.
Date of birth December 23rd, 1974
Place of birth Birmingham, England
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Resides New York, NY
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High Impact Wrestling
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Debut February 2006 (CWF)
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James Cruz (born December 23rd, 1974), is an technically gifted wrestler from the UK, he has been professionally wrestling in the USA now for many years. He is currently employed by High Impact Wrestling (HIW) having re-emerged in February 2006 after a 4 year wrestling ban. He had a short but impressive period the developmental federation of High Impact Wrestling, the now-defunct Championship Wrestling Federation before getting promoted to the HIW

Wrestling Career


Cruz had wrestled in many of the worlds top federations with a fair amount of success. However the good reputation he had earned for being an excellent wrestler was ruined when he went off the rails attacking the owner of a former company and his daughter. Cruz was sued and banned from wrestling for 4 years. After the ban was over he decided he needed to redeem himself and the only way to do that was to join the world's biggest fed, the HIW.

Championship Wrestling Federation

Before Cruz could join the HIW he needed to prove himself in the CWF. Cruz had a lot of success here but was never able to dispossess Tom Fury of the Television title. However the HIW board were so impressed by Cruz's ability and attitude to work they promoted him to the big time.

High Impact Wrestling

Cruz started in High Impact Wrestling with a bang, challenging Axis for the world title. To everyone’s surprise he ran Axis close but just didn't have enough to win the match. Cruz then suffered a bad spell in the ring, he went a good while with out a win before he and former nemesis Tom Fury decided to team up. Cruz and Fury took a few weeks to settle as a tag team but then they got it together and won the vacant titles against Drew Debs and Steve Andrews. Ever since they have been somewhat unstoppable, after 2 months they are still champions. Their most impressive win came over former champions Demon Knight and Mike Manson in a barbed wire deatmatch at the Hell on Earth PPV, the most extreme match HIW has ever seen.


Finishing Moves

  • New finisher coming soon
  • J-lock (Submission Hold)

Signature Moves

  • Cruz-Cutter
  • Shake it Down
  • X-Rated Dive


  • "The X-Rated Atlete"

Theme Music

  • "Not give a f*ck" - Fabolous

Championship Succession

HIW World Tag Team Titles
Preceded by:
August 20th --> ? Succeeded by:

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