Jamie is an e-fedder who has been in many e-feds, including WWE HaVoc, and WWE: Revisited. here is a list of her achievements;

Sandman: 1x Hardcore Champion(Sandman)

JBL: XSWF 4x Hardcore Champion(JBL) 1x HaVoc IC Champion(JBL) 1x HaVoc NWA TV Champion(JBL) 1x WWE HaVoc Money In The Bank Winner(JBL) 1x HaVoc Hardcore Champion(JBL) 4/6/07-June 2, 2007 1x Revisited Undisputed Champion(JBL) March 5, 2007-vacant it on June 3, 2007 1x WWE Champion(JBL) 1x xWo North American Champion(JBL)

Eddie Guerrero: 1 or 2x WWE HaVoc Tag Team Champion(Eddie with Chavo) Ashley Massaro: 1x TNA vs RoH Knockout Champion(Ashley)

Jamie Lee: 1x PW1 Women's Champion(Jamie Lee) Ken Kennedy: 1x Shockwave IC Champion(Ken Kennedy) BG James: 1x WWC Tag Team Champion(BG James with Kip)

Shane McMahon: 1x WWC IC Champion(Shane McMahon) May 26, 2007-Vacant it on May 31, 2007 1x WWH World Heavyweight Champion(Shane McMahon) Kenya: 3/1/07 1x Intergender Tag Team Champion on The Keep(Kenya with Topher)

Jillian Hall: Revisited 1x WWE Women's Champion(Jillian Hall)

Achievements -I was Money In The Bank On WWE HaVoc -Smackdown GM as Shane McMahon

Cody Lee: Successfully rides the coat tails of Dibiase. Went to Starbucks—P A S T . A C H I E V E M E N T S --

-Under belts- -Was GM of Showdown as Shane McMahon-

Was fired from HaVoc about 4 or 3 times as JBL. The most notable time was when Jamie had an adult rp with an underaged girl portraying Traci Brooks.

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