Character Name: "The Amazing" Jason Daniels

Height/Weight: 6'0/ 220lbs

Hometown: Greenville, South Carolina

Style of Wrestling: Technical, Aerialist

Finishing Moves (Up to TWO):

The Sharpshooter

Angelic Touch: Sit-down Powerbomb

Entrance Theme: Seek and Destroy - Metallica

Give a brief background of your character: Born and raised in Greenville, SC, Jason Daniels has always loved wrestling. From his first time seeing The British Bulldogs to the last time he saw Chris Benoit, he has loved wrestling, and now that he has broken into the business, he wants to make a name for himself, and finally show what he's really made of. In the WCSF, he plans to be a name everyone will remember.

Titles Held: WCSF Cruiserweight Champion Champion(First-Ever)

WCSF Career


Daniels, a talented cruiserweight, was around in the WCSF right from the beginning. At Revolution I, Daniels became the first-ever WCSF Cruiserweight Championship, defeating Tony Myers and Tristagi. It didn't get any easier at Destruction, keeping the title in a 4 Way Ladder Match against Tristagi, Tony Myers, & Tommy Davey. Tristagi became the first chief rival of Daniels, and defeated him at Total Carnage in a 2/3 Falls Match to win the title. Daniels would compete at Annihilation in a 6 man match to determine a WCSF Middleweight Championship holder, but it was won by Everwinter. At Hacked 2005, Daniels was voted as one of two men into the 4 Way World Title match, but John Zhilone retained the belt.


Daniels continued to jump around divisions to begin 2006, getting a Middleweight Title shot at Battlefield against Delroy Andrews but came up short due to a brass knuckles shot. Daniels began to resent his friend Jason Williams for all his success and eventually turned on him and cost him the Title. The two then competed at Nothing to Lose where Williams beat Daniels with the EoS. Daniels competed in the first Gold Rush match at Revolution II, but it was won by Everwinter. At Destruction, he tried once again to win back the Cruiserweight title against Tristagi but Tristagi used brass knuckles to get the win.

The next PPV was Total Carnage, where Daniels got another shot at the Cruiserweight Title, but instead the match was won by Sabbath. Daniels teamed up The Untouchables at Meltdown against Sabbath and Hellsing where Daniels got the pin. Daniels was part of Team Unleashed at Annihilation, and after getting one pinfall, was the second person eliminated.


Daniels defeated Baker J at Hacked 07 in a submission match. At the Battlefield PPV, Daniels competed in the tournament and defeated Everwinter & Johnny Briggs before losing to Rage Mishima in the final. Daniels got another shot at the Unleashed Title in the Dome of Doom, but Alex Morgan retained. Daniels would leave the WCSF shortly thereafter.

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