Jason Jupiter
Jupiter MaroonAndSilver
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Height 5'11
Weight 217 lbs.
Date of birth May 19, 1984
Place of birth San Diego, CA
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Billed from San Diego, CA
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Debut 2000
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Jason Hereford is a professional E-Fed wrestler, currently performing for the Extreme Wrestlecrap Threaderation under the in-ring moniker of Jason Jupiter. Teaming up with Jimmy Thunder and managed by Terina, Jupiter makes up the (formerly a parody) team known as TJT.

Black Hearted, Blue-Blooded

From the nation of Denmark, in the 1878, young Danish farmer Karl Jouter immigrated to Britain with hopes of an easier life on the horizon. England was not as much to his liking, so the man opted for the neighboring territory of Wales to begin his new life as a British farmer. Jouter was unfortunate enough to have his farm in adjacent to the land owned by the ruthless economic powerhouse of a family, the Dunhams. Then-patriarch William Dunham at first treated his impoverished neighbor with contempt, but the unerring loyalty of the young man eventually earned over the favor of the wealthy land baron. Jouter's ingenuity allowed him to act as a mechanic and inventor to the more affluent Dunham, who finally permitted him to marry his daughter, Amelia. In time, the Jouters managed to take partial control of the Dunham estate; but the even wealthier urbanite Herefords put a stop to that. In 1913, Jouter's eldest daughter had married the eldest son of the Herefords, and their properties were integrated into the holdings of the Herefords.

In the year 1919, members of the Welsh and Danish Hereford-Jouter union moved to the United States, aiming for financial opportunities in the growing nation after it had won the First World War. In time, they had reached California; the city of San Diego to be precise. In 1931, the youngest Hereford of the generation, Albert, would be the ones to take the reigns. In turn, he would have a Welsh son with a Welsh woman; this man's name was Franklin. He too would marry a Welsh, but between the children they had, their oldest would prove to be a moral disaster: Jason Hereford.

Almost purely Welsh and wealthy to a fault, Jason felt no remorse in using his financial resources as a young boy to order servants around and force them to do whatever he wished. With virtually no restrictions, he began to start the development his main vices--alcohol and sex--before the age of 12. One taste he had that was productive however, was wrestling. At the age of 7, he met Jimmy Thunder and Katerina Berenson. His male companion would be his partner in the ring; his female manager would control him as he willingly obeys the girl's words on a regular basis.

Starting Off On His Right Foot

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