Born in Indiana at a hard time in life, right around the First wrestlmania, a year before actually. I joined e-fedding shortly after 1997 with the name of Andrew 'The Spider' Johnson.


Andrew started out in YEW with a huge losing streak, being the brother of acclaimed Icon Harry Johnson, Andrew had a chip on his shoulder. His first win was against Alexander Feel. After that win the confidence was boosted and soon he was winning on a weekly basis. At his last match during the PPV, Burndown he was defeated all though in a storyline loss in a loser leaves town match in what many would consider a class act matchup.

A Repreive

From then I took a 6 year hiatus from efedding returning in 2003 as Jason Silver. Jason wasn't exactly the youngest, the cutest or the brightest but by all means he was the most hardcore. Debuting in the pHw at Survivor Series: Winner take all against an old friend, Nightmare. After that we immediately formed a tag team known as the Prophecy. Along with Wayne Jones we ruled the pHw until April 2004. During Jason scheduled match against Weapon X at World War 3 Nightmare and Jones turned on me and cost me my match. Over the next several months we feuded until Wrestlemania 3 in an inferno match. Jason was victorious in his cause and went on winning the pHw heavyweight, platinum, tag team, intercontinental, tag team, and the only pHw Hardcore Extreme champion defeating Kurt Angle in a title unification match. After a meltdown between owners and staff alike pHw folded and packed up after almost 6 years of certain dominance

From there I floated around for a few months eventually posting an ad on Roughkut E-fed Services. I joined many feds and won many titles at one time I was inducted into 6 feds hall of fame. During this they held a joint PPV all 6 way gimmick matchs. 1 man representing each fed me representing the WCW: World Class Wrestling. Winning the main event and ultimately unifying all the feds involved that night I have since joined the UWF and currently involved in a storyline for a manager and girlfriend of another combatant. The next PPV Shock wave will have Jason Silver(me) vs PB Force vs Kameron Chase for the services of Becky. Jason lost the match and took a short hiatus. Since Jason has returned and now is wrestling at Numbered Days in a 5 way hardcore match for the Hardcore title

Personal Life

I am married with 3 lovely kids and I have 2 dogs. I currently own and operate 2 bars with a 3 being built as I type

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