Jason Steiner
Real name Jason Steiner
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Height 6'8"
Weight 300 lbs.
Date of birth November 1, 1974
Place of birth Detroit, Michigan
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Detroit, Michigan
Billed from Worldwide
Trainer Jack Steiner (father deceased), Killer Kowalski, Jushin Thunder Liger, Big Van Vader, and Tazz
Endgame Entertainment
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Debut 2000
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Sickest S.O.B in the Business; Animal Thug; Master of the Suplex (formerly known as the "Super-Sayian")


Steiner is an extremely over muscular Caucasian male, who prefers to sport a skin head (hair is normally blonde). He has a tribal symbol on his left bicep for lightning when he was known with former JT Thunder as the tag team Thunder and Lightning. He wears black long tights with white tribal symbols on each leg, black boots, a chrome knee brace on his right leg, and maroon red Mechanix gloves. When coming to the ring he sports a chrome blood red Jason X hockey mask, which he takes off during regular matches, but will keep on during hardcore matches.


Neutral - The one of the most extreme and mentally unstable wrestlers in the business, combined with his sheer brute strength and unbelievable endurance, Steiner is the epitome of a walking wrecking machine.


Steiner was trained at a young age by his father deceased wrestler Jack Steiner; he’s also been trained under the Killer Kowalski School of wrestling. His later training was done in Japan by Jushin Thunder Liger, Big Van Vader, and finally former ECW World Champion Tazz when he returned to the states.


Unbelievable Power and Resilience, Mastery of various suplexes: At 6’8” inches, 300 pounds of muscle with 10 percent body fat, Steiner is nothing short of power personified in the ring. Each blow from the juggernaught is like being hit by a freight train or raw steel. Those fortunate enough to walk away with a victory over Steiner end up walking out with a severe limp at best after the match is done. That fueled by his unstable psyche makes Jason absolutely dangerous in the ring. If it does damage Steiner has already tried it, or is going to try it be sure of that. Along with his mastery of the suplex which he can hit from anywhere using almost any variation makes Steiner practically the most deadliest opponent one would want to face.


Reoccurring Injuries: Steiner is the victim of many injuries during his wrestling career due to his hardcore nature. He’s suffered from a broken neck, reconstructive surgery on his right knee twice, a torn bicep, and dislocated left shoulder. Many feel that these injuries which have put him on the shelf for majority of his career is what has limited his career to the potential it could have actually gone. Potential Achilles heels for him many feel that Steiner should seriously tone down his extreme behavior, or retire all together in order not to risk permanent damaging injury. But as the horror movie character he models himself after Steiner keeps on coming back, and he wouldn’t be the sickest son of a bitch in this business if he didn’t.

Ring Entrance

"Down with the Sickness" by Disturbed blasts on the PA system as Steiner walks out onto the ramp with a chrome hockey mask covering his face heading to the ring. Steiner sliding into the ring hops the second rope of a turnbuckle and spits out a slew of profanity at the crowd while pound his chest!

Tag Team

Reservoir Dogs (Tag Partner - Letterman)

Other Ring Attire


Championships and Accomplishments

  • CWU Heavyweight Championship
  • EEW Intercontinental Championship
  • wXw Intercontinental Championship (Retired...Last Champion)
  • IEW Solid Steel Championship (First version and last Champion)
  • CWU Steel Cage Championship
  • EEW World Tag Championship (2x Reservoir Dogs - Partner Letterman)
  • WCWF New Breed Championship
  • WCWF Extreme Championship
  • CWU Blue Collar Championship (3x)
  • EEW Chance for Glory Championship (2x)

Other Awards


Memorable Matches


Favorite Feuds

1.Dante DeAngelis


5. Scott Smith

6. Jacques Armato



Signature Moves

Modified Steiner Recliner (Submission Hold): Steiner slaps on the camel clutch then locks on a modified dragon sleeper and stretches victim out.

Double underhook side brainbuster: Steiner applies a double underhook before then lifting the opponent upside down and falling backwards down to the mat onto his back, driving the opponent head first down to the mat.

Double underhook vertical suplex: Steiner applies a double underhook before then lifting the opponent upside into a vertical position, he will then fall backwards throwing opponent back first into the mat.

Cradle superplex: Steiner the top turnbuckle with opponent, Steiner applies a front face lock, then hooks the leg. He will the lift opponent into a vertical while falling backwards into the ring driving opponent from the top turnbuckle back first into the mat.

Last Rites: Steiner sets opponent up and hits a powerbomb but does not release the opponent upon impact, instead he locks his hands and performs a dead lift, raising the opponent back up for another powerbomb, he performs another dead lifting him way up, does a double rotation, and the falls forward diving to the mat for a final diving powerbomb.


Finisher #1: The SICKNESS: Top Top Rope Super Tiger Driver (Top rope double underhook sit-out powerbomb): From the top turnbuckle, Steiner double underhooks his opponent's arms, and delivers a double underhook powerbomb off the top rope.

Finisher #2: Sayian’s Hammer (Crucifix into a neckbreaker): Steiner hoists victim up into a crucifix, and drops him into a vicious neckbreaker.

Leagues Competed In

1. World Championship Wresting Federation (@IW)

2. Fallout Championship Wrestling (UWN/GWA)

3. BWI Battlefield Wrestling Industries/originally UWN (Superior Wrestling Alliance)

4. Endgame Entertainment


Steiner’s past is one of controversy, trained at a young age of 12 by his father former wrestlers and heavyweight champion Jack Steiner; Jason would lose his father at the age of 16 to a car accident while coming back from an event. Steiner would continue his father’s legacy finishing his training at the Killer Kowalski School of wrestling. After graduating, and wrestling in a couple of mini-circuits winning a minor heavyweight title here and there Steiner would be picked up by the @IW (At-bay Wrestling) and offered a contract with the GWF (Global Wrestling Federation) were he would go by the name Super Saiyan. His first match as a cocky overgrown hot tempered rookie would be against a veteran known as Pro-Pain at the first GWF Pay-Per-View. The match would start with Steiner dominating, only to end with Pro-Pain taking the then brash rookie out with his patented Dirt Nap. The defeat would not only anger Steiner, but teach him that he had a lot still to learn. It wouldn’t stop Steiner however as he would form a rookie stable with two well known rookies (Pyro-Mainac and Brazyl Grazie) known as the SPG. They would prove to be a severe annoyance in the GWF as a group of rebel rousers. One of their infamous acts (implemented by Steiner) is when Jason would powerbomb then Dark Asylum leader Dante DeAngelis 15 feet off a platform through 4 tables. The assault would put Dante on the shelf as a wrestler for months, and spark the never ending hatred the two would possess for years to come. Dante would get his vengeance however at the next GWF Pay-Per-View, when in a well devised plan aided with the Dark Asylum, and Steiner’s former members of the SPG who would betray him in Pyro and Grazie as they all would turn on him, beat him within an inch of his life, and put him through a table from a ladder.

Down but not out, Steiner would return with another stable known as the SPF, this would include him and a tag team known as the Suicide Blondes and Mondo Brown. Steiner would go on to battle with many occasions with the Dark Asylum now bigger with his former stable mates included. He would also make a run for the GWF Heavyweight title in a tournament only to be stopped in the semi-finals by former stable mate Pyro-Mainac. Another one of Steiner’s infamous acts along with his stable would be to steal the legendary name of the Xtreme Kings from the GWF’s sister federation WCWF (World Championship Wrestling Federation) consisting of Dangerous Doug Nichols, Revelation, Doomsday Machine, Armageddon, and Eddie Trash. Nicoles would provide the first assault by personally coming over from the WCWF to the GWF to attack Steiner in his own locker room, but the remaining former members would finish the job, by kidnapping the entire stable of the SPF, and beating them with ball bats while they were in coffins in front of a live audience.

The GWF would soon close down, and all GWF wrestlers were immediately drafted to the WCWF. Within a month of being in the WCWF Steiner would be shelved as a returning Dante with the aid of the Dark Asylum would set him on fire during a match. Along with a damaged knee Steiner would go through months of rehabilitation; he would also venture to Japan where he would hook up with Jushin Thunder Liger and Big Van Vader who would take him under their wing and reinvent his wrestling style.

Steiner would return under his real name, but keeping the Super-Saiyan gimmick close hunting Dante personally for revenge. Their grudge match at a WCWF Pay-Per-View would end in a no contest due to interference, and Dante would head over first installation of the IEW to compete. With Dante gone, Steiner for a time would refocus on his career, teaming up with a new rookie to the WCWF known as JT Thunder to form Thunder and Lightning; they would prove to be an impressive tag team but would fall short of tag title gold. Singles gold wouldn’t prove to be a problem for them as Steiner would pick up his first singles title in the WCWF New Breed title, afterwards followed by a run as the WCWF Extreme Champion. Steiner would be personally known for his battle with Billy Bishop (Former multi-time UWA Heavyweight and World Champion) where he would force Bishop to retire in one Japanese Death Match, and force his sister Mary Jane Golden to be his slave. Steiner would once again call himself the King of Extreme boasting greatly over it only to be challenged by former Dark Asylum member Jacques Armato in a boiler room match, the match would prove to be brutal, but in the end Armato would prevail in his specialty match which would bar Steiner from the Extreme Division for a year and cause him to public ally announce that he was no longer the King of Extreme.

Steiner would do so, but in an act of defiance level Armato with a steel pipe, an announce that though he was no longer the King of Extreme but he was still the Sickest Son of a Bitch in the Business there by giving birth too his new image.

Fueled by his new persona, Steiner upon being recruited by the IEW would capture the IEW Solid Steel title and go onto to the huge @IW Pay-Per-View Overflow to battle second tier counterparts, Poseidon (WCWF Intercontinental Champion), Armageddon (CWU Steel Cage Champion), and Titan Terror (GWF International Champion) for the @IW International title. Though Steiner would eliminate both Armageddon and Poseidon, Terror would have Steiner’s number taking the Umbrella title.

Black Friday would hit closing the @IW for good, Steiner retiring the last IEW Sold Steel Champion, would take time off to train and address the reoccurring injury of his battered knee again. He would return to the opening of the UWN (Unified Wrestling Alliance) recharged and armed with a chrome Jason X Hockey mask which would be his train mark more build then before making a severe impact as he would head to the CWU (Colossal Wrestling Unified) to capture the CWU Steel Cage title from former champion Justin Justman in steel cage match. Steiner would also go onto win the CWU Blue Collar title (a hardcore variation title) on three difference occasions.

Steiner’s noted highlights in the CWU would be his bloodied glass shards battle with Scott “The Game” Smith, among with many famed Seven Stages of Hell matches he’d be in. Some of his most famous stints would be the use of a glass baseball bat on Chris Clock a.k.a “The Body”, putting heating cream in the entire rival stable of Badd Productions underwear, and aiding then tag partner Apocalypse in capturing the CWU Blue Collar title, by powerbombing then champion Brian Clothier through a Hell in a Cell Cage right through a table.

His greatest achievement would be capturing the CWU Heavyweight title from none other than the man who caused him to relinquish his King of the Extreme name, current champion Jacques Armato. After running through a tournament to get the title shot, Steiner would come face to face with the champion at the up-and-coming CWU Pay-Per-View. The match would be nothing short of explosive as Steiner would battle Armato from ring post to ring post in the end hitting the Saiyain’s Hammer, and making Armato relinquish his title as champion as Steiner would be crowned the new CWU Heavyweight Champion.

Steiner would go onto to defend the title until the untimely closing of the CWU, but the final CWU Heavyweight title match would take at GWA Ferdaheluvit June 14, 2003 at Arco Arena - Sacramento, CA. Steiner would once again battle rival Armato at in a Dark Asylum Boiler Room match which Steiner would personally choose. Brutality at its finest would be an understatement for this match, as the two would battle in the most bloodied boiler room match ever. Steiner would gain the upper hand with a well placed fire extinguish to the head, and then hitting a Tiger Driver from off top level of the boiler room putting Armato through some crates below, but it wasn’t enough to put the challenger down as Armato with a well placed Flying DDT would take back his title.

The battle would leave Steiner with a torn bicep and dislocated shoulder shelving him for many months until he would make his return in the second installation of the IEW. His returned would be shorted lived in a heated battled with returning Dante DeAngelis. Steiner would suffer a broken neck due to a nasty spot he took during a match. Steiner’s career would possibly be shelved for a year or so with no possible return.

Jason however would not refuse to surrender to his most devastating injury as he would go through months upon months of rehabilitation enforcing the muscles in his upper body specifically, he would also train under former ECW World Champion Tazz’s camp redeveloping his skills and master several variations of the suplex to perfection. Steiner would raise from the dead one more time, more jacked then ever, and once again dawning his trademark Chrome Hockey Mask now blood red returning the reopened FCW on a mission. He would team with former multi-time Heavyweight and World Champion Letterman to former the team known as the Reservoir Dogs getting several shots of at the FCW Heavyweight and Tag titles. Though coming up short on it proved that this time Steiner was here to stay, the Reservoir Dogs would expand into a stable headed by Layne Anderson, and including Jersey Joe Hoar a rookie from the Machine (Small training Federation).

The stable would make a respectable impact on the FCW until its untimely closing. Steiner would once again return to the dungeon of Tazz for about a month honing his skills until resurfacing once again in the PWF (Phenomenal Wrestling Federation) within the PWF World Heavyweight Division locking horns once again with arch-rival Dante DeAngelis. His mission clear as he continues to fulfill his father’s legacy and become a famous well-known wrestler and World Champion with one twist…this time…to bring the Sickness which is Steiner…to everyone.

Future Goals




Double short clothesline: Steiner short clotheslines opponent, picks him up, and hits another vicious one turning him inside out.

Spear: Also known as a shoulder block takedown, this is an attack where Steiner charges towards a standing opponent, jumps and brings his body parallel to the ground, driving his shoulder into the opponent's midsection, tackling them and forcing them down to the mat.

Running lariat with F’n Authority: Steiner hits a running lariet, knocking victim into a 360 degree spin before sending them crashing to the mat.

Falling Head butt: Steiner stands over fallen opponent who is usually face up, and just falls forward into the mat driving his skull into the opponents skull. Steiner will sometime have his chrome hockey mask on when he pulls this move off.


Aztecan suplex: A Cross-arm German suplex. A variation of the German Suplex where the opponent's arms are crossed across their chest, in a straight jacket hold, and held by the Steiner. The Steiner uses the crossed arms as leverage to aid in lifting the opponent up while falling backwards, throwing the opponent like a German suplex.

Top-rope German Spike Suplex: Steiner atomic drops opponent on the top rope, and then climbs the second rope behind him. Steiner then grabs them around their waist, lifts them up, and falls backwards while bridging his back and legs, slamming the opponent down to the mat shoulder and upper back first. Steiner makes an effort to try and drive the opponent if he can right on the back of their neck with as much force as possible.

Cradle suplex: With his opponent in a front facelock with the near arm draped over the Jason's shoulder, Jason hooks the opponent's near leg with his free arm and falls backwards, flipping the opponent onto his back.

Tilt-a-whirl suplex: Steiner stands facing the opponent. Steiner bends the opponent down so they are bent facing in front on the wrestler's body. Steiner reaches around the opponent's body with him arms and lifts them up into a form of spinning gutwrench before slamming them back first into the mat.

Side suplex: Also known as a sambo suplex or side suplex. The Steiner stands face to face with the opponent, slightly to their side. The Steiner tucks his head under the opponent's near arm, and reaches across the opponent's chest and around their neck with his near arm. The Steiner then simultaneously lifts the opponent up, turns 180° and falls backwards, bringing the opponent over him and slamming them down to the mat back first.

Overhead belly-to-back suplex: Same as a regular German suplex, except instead of holding the move for a pin, the Jason tosses his opponent and releases.

Belly-to-belly overhead suplex: Grabbing his opponent from the front, Steiner lifts them up and suplexes them over his head.

Snap suplex: A front facelock suplex, which sees Jason apply a front face lock to his opponent, draping the opponent's near arm over his shoulder, while pulling his own leg back then kick the leg forward quickly slaming it to the ground to build momentum to fall backwards and flips the opponent over Steiner so they land on their back.

Head and Arm Suplex: Also called a Gargoyle Suplex, the move is a variation of the traditional overhead belly-to-belly suplex in which the Jason, standing face-to-face with his opponent, clutches his hands together having firmly encircled the opponent's head and one arm. This grip, as opposed to the waistlock of a normal belly-to-belly, is then used to hoist the opponent in the overhead arching throw.

Suicide-plex: Also known as the superplex which refers to any suplex performed by Steiner standing on the second or third rope against an opponent sitting on the top rope or top turnbuckle. Steiner apply a front face lock to the opponent, draping the opponent's near arm over their respective shoulders, at this point Steiner falls backwards and flips the opponent over them so they both land on their backs.

Stalling Vertical Suplex: Jason holds an opponent in the upside-down position at the peak of the arc for several seconds before completing the maneuver, thereby causing blood to pool into the head of the opponent. shoulderplex

Side Belly-to-Belly Suplex: Steiner standing on either side of his opponent wraps his arms around his opponent in a waistlock or a bodylock position and flips him over by violently snapping and bridging his own body so the opponent lands on the side of his neck or shoulder.

Slingshot suplex: The Steiner faces a standing opponent with one side of the ring immediately behind the opponent. The Steiner applies a front facelock to the opponent, takes hold of the opponent with his free hand, then lifts the opponent until he is nearly vertical. The Steiner then falls forward so that the torso of the opponent bounces off the top ring rope, and uses this momentum to quickly lift the opponent overhead once more and falls backwards, driving the back and shoulders of the opponent into the ground.

Spinning Back Suplex: Jason stands behind his opponent and puts his head under the arm of the opponent. He then lifts the opponent up using both of his arms wrapped around the torso of the opponent. Steiner then turns 180 degrees while falling backwards, slamming the opponent flat on their back.

Exploder Suplex: The exploder suplex is a variant of a belly-to-belly suplex. The Steiner performing the Exploder suplex seizes the opponent in a head-and-shoulder hold as in a standing side slam, and takes hold of the opponent's near leg's upper thigh with his free arm, and then falls backwards and throws him overhead down to the mat on their shoulders and upper back, in the same motion as a belly-to-belly.

Takeover suplex: Steiner applies a front face lock to the opponent and drapes the opponent's near arm over his shoulder. The Steiner then lifts the opponent into a vertical position, and at the apex of bring opponent down Steiner twists his body where he's belly to face with opponent and comes crashing down on him while slamming him back first into the mat.

Gutwrench suplex: Jason standing on one side of an opponent locking his arms around the opponent's waist (near arm in front of the opponent and far arm behind) and lifting him/her up and slamming him over backfirst down to the mat.

Northern Lights Suplex: Grabbing his opponent around the body, Jason suplexes his opponent over his head while maintaining the hold, bridging to make the move a pin.

Reverse suplex: Jason stands behind an opponent and applies an inverted facelock with one arm, and uses the other arm to aid in elevating the opponent so that he is lifted up and held upsidedown before Jason falls to his back driving the opponent down to the mat frontfirst, behind Steiner.

T-Bone suplex: A modified version of the Exploder suplex seizes the opponent in a head-and-shoulder hold as in a standing side slam, and takes hold of the opponent's near leg's upper thigh with his free arm, and then falls backwards and throws him overhead down to the mat on their shoulders and upper back, in the same motion as a belly-to-belly, but this time ending in a powerslam pin.

720 suplex: Jason lifts the opponent as in a normal vertical suplex, and then does a complete double rotation before falling backwards slamming opponent into the mat.

Counter suplex: Opponent locking Steiner in a front face lock attempts to suplex Steiner, Steiner however blocks this by hooking his leg behind opponent’s leg. He will then nail opponent with a couple of rights to the ribs to break his lock, apply a front face lock to his opponent, draping the opponent's near arm over his shoulder, when the opponent is in position he is lifted up to an upside-down position before the Steiner falls backwards slamming the opponents back into the mat.

Front-layout suplex: Steiner applies a front face lock to the opponent and drapes the opponent's near arm over his shoulder. The Steiner then lifts the opponent into a vertical position, and proceeds to throw the opponent back to the mat, driving his/her face into the ground.

High Flying Moves:

Guilliotine legdrop: Steiner heads up top and delivers a guillotine legdrop to the throat of opponent.

Diving headbutt: A diving headbutt is a jumping or sometimes free fall headbutt delivered from the top turnbuckle to anywhere on the opponent's body. Steiner will sometime have his chrome hockey mask on when he pulls this move off.

Moonsault (Rarily Done): From the top rope to an opponent lying face up in the mat, a Steiner faces away from the prone opponent and executes a 300 pound backflip landing on the opponent in a splash/press position.

Submission Holds:

Sharpshooter (Submission Hold): The opponent starts supine. Jason steps between his opponent's legs with one leg and wraps the opponent's legs around that leg. Holding the opponent's legs in place, Steiner then steps over the opponent, flipping him over into a prone position. Finally, Jason leans back to compress the legs.


Samoan Drop: Technically known as a Fireman's carry drop, Steiner drapes an opponent over his shoulders in a fireman's carry position then falls backwards, driving the opponent down to the mat on their back. The move has been a signature move for Samoan wrestlers throughout the years. A Samoan drop is usually a counter to drop the opponents momentum.

Jackhammer through Table (Hardcore Move): Steiner sets up a table first, he will then pull opponent to an elevated position like a second turnbuckle, ring apron, or announcer’s table. Steiner applies a front face lock, throws the opponent's near arm over the Steiner's shoulder, and then grabs his tights to lift him up straight in the air (as in a standard vertical suplex). Steiner will leap off with opponent from elevated position driving him through the table as Steiner will twist to fall face-down on top of the opponent.

Choke Toss: Steiner grabs victim choking him, then flings him a couple of feet to the mat or floor.

Running Powerslam: Jason reach between an opponent's legs with one arm and reach around that opponent's back from the same side with his other arm before then lifting this opponent up over his shoulder. From this position Jason will break into a run, then fall forward to slam the opponent against the mat back-first.

Gorilla Press Slam: This slam sees Steiner first lift his opponent up over his head with arms fully extended (as in the military press used in weight lifting), before lowering the arm under the head of the opponent so that the opponent falls to that side, while flipping over and landing on his back. Steiner may repeatedly press the opponent overhead to show his strength, prior to dropping them.

Running Jackhammer: Steiner applies a front face lock, throws the opponent's near arm over the Steiner's shoulder, and then grabs his tights to lift him up straight in the air (as in a standard vertical suplex). Steiner will then break into a quick run before he begins to drop the opponent while twisting to fall face-down on top of the opponent.

Flapjack through a table (Hardcore Move): Usually while opponent is down, Steiner sets up a table where he is in between it and his opponent. Steiner will then crouch low waiting for opponent to get up, and pushes his opponent upward by reaching under his legs and lifting him into the air. While retaining the hold on the opponent's leg, Steiner would fall backwards, dropping the opponent front-first through the table.

Double Underhook Faceslam: Steiner bends their opponent forward, placing the opponent's head between Steiner's legs and then applies a double underhook on the opponent. Steiner then jumps up while tucking his knees causing him to lift his opponent off the mat before landing on their knees, forcing the opponent's face into the mat.


Spinning backbreaker: Steiner places an opponent in an Argentine backbreaker rack, where the opponent is held face-up across both the shoulders of Steiner, From here Steiner will spin opponent off while dropping down into a kneeling position as he drives opponent's back into his knee.

Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker: Jason stands facing the opponent, who is often charging at him, before bending the opponent down so they are bent in front of Steiner as he stands over them then Jason reaches around the opponent's body and lifts them up, spinning the opponent in front of the Steiner's body. As Jason brings the opponent back down to the mat Steiner kneels, slamming the opponent's back across his extended knee.


Double Underhook Piledriver: Jason faces a bent over opponent and double underhooks the opponent's arms. Steiner then lifts them up, flips the opponent and drops the opponent on their neck and shoulders, as he drops to his knees.


Gut-wrench Powerbomb: A gutwrench powerbomb involves Steiner standing over an opponent locking their arms around the opponent's waist and lifting them up, flipping them over, and slamming them down to the mat back first. Usually Steiner sits down while slamming the opponent.

Running powerbomb: The most common sitout variation is that of a standard powerbomb, in which the opponent is placed in a standing neck scissors, and then lifted up on Steiner's shoulders. At this point, Steiner breaks into a run and slams the opponent down, and at the same time falls to a sitting position.

Inverted Power Bomb: Also described as an inverted front powerslam or inverted Oklahoma slam, this move sees Steiner faces a bent-over opponent and apply a gutwrench waistlock before lifting the opponent up so they are lying across the Steiner's shoulder, facing upward, with the Steiner maintaining the waistlock to hold them in position. Steiner then falls forward while flipping the opponent forward, driving the opponent horizontally belly-down into the ground.

Spinebuster bomb: This high-lifting sitout / sitdown spinebuster, also popularly known as a sky lift powerbomb in which Steiner will take hold of an (often charging) opponent with each hand placed under the opponent’s arm pits. At this point Steiner will lift the opponent into the air as high as possible, before dropping to a seated position so that the opponent falls backfirst between Steiner's legs. Steiner will often place his hands on the falling opponent's chest or hook their legs to attempt a pin.

Buster and DDT's:

Double Arm DDT: Instead of applying a head or face lock, Steiner bends his opponent forward and hooks each arm behind the opponent's back, tucks the opponent's head under one of his arms, and then falls back to pull the opponent down either flat on his face, which is the more common variant, or onto the top of their head, causing them to roll over, like in a regular DDT.

Backspin DDT/Miavia Hurrcane: Jason stand in front of his opponent facing at him, duck, hook one of his arms over the opponent's shoulder (if it's the opponent's left shoulder that Jason chooses to seize, he hooks with his right, or opposite if sides are reversed), swing himself under the opponent's armpit then around and over the opponent's back so that he faces the same way as the opponent, lock the opponent's head under his other hand's armpit, spin another 180° to end up having the opponent locked in a front facelock and fall back to drive the opponent skull first to the mat, as in a regular DDT.

Super fisherman buster: Top Rope FishermanBuster: After pulling opponent to the very top rope facing backwards into the ring, Jason will hook the opponent’s near leg with his free arm to aid in lifting them off the ground. With the opponent elevated, the Jason will then jump into the ring while throwing himself backwards, landing on hia back and driving the head of the opponent into the ground.

Cradle Brainbuster: A variation of the brainbuster in which Jason will hook the opponent’s near leg with his free arm to aid in lifting them off the ground. With the opponent elevated, Jason will then throw himself backwards, landing on his back and driving the head of the opponent into the ground.

Top rope super brainbuster: Brainbuster executed off the top turnbuckle.

Other Moves:

Swinging Neckbreaker: Steiner applies a front facelock while he places their heads side by side under each other shoulder and uses their free hand to grab hold of the opponent's far hand before then swinging over the opponent and down to the ground, in a semi-circular motion, so that both Steiner and the opponent fall to the ground back-first causing the back of the opponent's neck to impact on the shoulder of the Steiner.

Sidebuster: Similar to a backbreaker, execept this involves Steiner standing side-to-side and slightly behind, with the opponent facing in the same direction, then reaching around the opponent's torso with one arm across the opponent's chest and under both arms and places the other arm under the opponent's legs. Steiner then lifts the opponent up, bringing his legs off the ground, and dropping him ribcage first against the Steiner's knee.


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