Jay Van De Burgh
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Jay Van De Burgh]]
Real name Jay Van De Burgh
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Height 6"1
Weight 213 pounds
Date of birth 30/12/88
Place of birth London, England
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Resides Bosten, Massachusetts
Billed from England
Trainer M.B.H
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Debut 2007
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Jay Van De Burgh was born to a Shop owner and his wife not much is known about his real parents because his father died before Jay's first birthday shortly after this his mother left him in there house alone and sleeping. Two days later Mr and Mrs Fulleer found Jay and brought him up as their own.

Growing Up

Jay grew up thinking that he was a fulleer but on the eve of his 15th birthday he found out that he was adopted. After finding this out he started to act differently and began listening to rock music and started skipping school the image which he used to be was now a deppressed even sadistic boy who no one talked to. It was only when the Fulleer's other son world famous M.B.H came on his week off did Jay start behaving normally, while M.B.H was saying his goodbyes Jay asked if he could come back with M.B.H after a few minutes he agreed.

Train,Train and Train Again

When they got back to Boston Jay started his training first with light to heavey training and then practice matches it was only after he finally beat M.B.H that he was considered ready to enter the ring.


When M.B.H asked if Jay could join Mattloveswrestling was sceptic even going as far as saying to his face no! But after Jay pluked up the courage to challenge anybody on the roster to a match to show management what he can do that shootinstar13 and Mattloveswrestling took an interest in him. They said if he wins than he will get a training contract and will wrestle dark matches. Unfortunately for him it was Lovell Matthews who challenged him.

The Hardcore Brits

Surprisingly Jay excepted but only if he gets to choose what match Lovell agreed and it was decided that Lovell's Jerseys Justice would face him and M.B.H next week after the match was set Jay and M.B.H began training at that time shootinstar13 came into there locker room and pitched an idea to them the idea was to form a tag team called The Hardcore Brits due to there wrestling prowess as hardcore based wrestlers. Next week Jerseys Justice met against The Harcore Brits. The battle was hard fought and came down to a weakened Lovell and a rookie but Jay leapt at Lovell and hit him with what is called the Jays Justice which knocked out lovell which gave The Harcore Brits the win.

Finishing moves

  • Ring Toss(One Arm Fisherman Suplex)
  • Jays Justice(Double Arm DDT)

Signature Moves

  • Front Face Dropkick
  • Superstar press pin
  • senton

Theme Music

  • A Dark Halo-Burn It All

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